Danny Choo visits Afro Samurai Creator's Japanese Star Wars Art Collection

You may remember Danny Choo from an earlier Boing Boing tv episode this year -- the "prince of Akihabara" donned his Stormtrooper finery and led some of Silicon Valley's finest CEOS through a tour of Tokyo's famed otaku district, with Joi Ito. So, Danny is also the son of famed fashion designer Jimmy Choo, and he is very well-known in Japan as a web personality, and a curator of truly wonderful nerdy things. He's like a long-lost Boing Boing cousin! Anyway -- today, Danny checks in with some amazing snapshots.

"I was at the creator of Afro Samurai's house the other day and he dug up some Japanese style Star Wars art," Danny says. This stuff is incredible. Here's the photo set link for Danny's visit with Takashi Okazaki. And below, beneath the snapshot, the trailer for Afro Samurai, which I have yet to see. Thanks Danny!


  1. This reminds me of Samurai Champloo, an animated TV series that had hip hop samurais. There are are some great AMVs of it on YouTube.

  2. I wish people would stop posting about things that they like, and post only about things that I like.

  3. Dear Boingers,

    Can we make a deal not to post content that says

    “This video not available in your country or domain”

    when I click on it, please?

    This includes basically anything on Hulu. I’ve never encountered this with a YouTube video before, which makes it all the more frustrating.

    This policy would perfectly fit your copyleft, one-internet-indivisible-under-the-EFF-and-Saint-Cory line, I think. It would also stop me smashing expensive computer hardware into the wall in frustration at being kept from seeing obscure Star Wars Anime ephemera … sigh.

    Happy New Year to one and all.

    – HC

  4. That is …

    … obscure Japanese, Star Wars, anime, steam plonk, sci fi, robot, hand-drawn, computer generated, maybe-even-NSFW, NSFP, NSFXKCD and similar ephemera.

    Anyone who thinks that regional blocks on content are a good idea or that they help sales and/or stop piracy is living in a fantasy world, but not one of those nice fantasy worlds with hotties of all genders in leather harnesses riding dragons and each other and stuff, more like a fantasy world of hawt accountant-in-grey-flanel-suit-in-mortal-combat-with-the-bottom-line kind of action … again, I sigh.

    – HC

  5. Can we make a deal not to post content that says, “This video not available in your country or domain”

    Rather than BB limiting what it posts, why don’t you harass the bejesus out of Hulu, your country or whomever created the problem.

  6. there are programs and services that create an American IP address for people outside the US so they can access limited content sites. Free, too.

  7. I see you say there is such a service to get foreign ips to circumvent this problem but I do not see a link.

  8. afro samurai kikks mega butt! it’s like ‘boondocks’ with ronin and swords! i’ve managed to catch 3-4 ep.s, and it doesn’t fail to sassify.

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