Far Side reenactments

 3095 3128817813 293B061E63 Far Side Reenactments is a Flickr pool devoted to photographic stagings of Far Side strips. (Example a left by entitee.)
Far Side Reenactments (via Laughing Squid)


  1. Those were hilarious – I like the trick spoon best. My kids are getting really tired of me holding a book upside down and saying, “Hey, this book was printed upside down!” Now I can add the trick spoon gag to my dumb dad act.

  2. I don’t know why, but they don’t work in real life. My mother collected Far Side comics so I’ve seen most of them, but for the life of me I didn’t know what most of them were and they made no sense.

  3. #8 Most of the problem seemed to be that Gary Larson often put the punchline in the title. So without the title, the images are just kind of… off.

  4. I love that these exist.

    Gary Larson was a huge grump (or perhaps it was Andrews & McMeel) about the digital dissemination of his cartoons back in the early days of the intarwebs, and cracked down really hard on it. As far as I can tell, the main result was that the previously ubiquitous awareness of “The Far Side” in popular culture seems to have shrunken to almost nothing, and certainly so for anyone born after the mid-eighties. I’ve always thought this a great shame, because many of the gags in Far Side cartoons (at least before the strip became a contemptible self-parody) are absolutely classic.

    If this Flickr stream results in just one young person seeking out a Far Side book and enjoying it enough to start sharing it with their friends, then Gary Larson should take note: You don’t have to participate in the digital age to benefit from it, but you could’ve benefitted far more if only you had embraced it for what it was rather than to stubbornly stick to your old world-view. (Easy to say in hindsight, I realize, but it really peeved me at the time. Scott Adams figured the web thing out right away, so in a sense it *was* a deliberate choice on Larson’s/A&M’s part to shun the internet. I think the world is the worse for it, and I’m certain that Larson’s lot is too.)

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