Homemade motorcycle ad on Craigslist

Funny ad for a homemade motorcycle on Craigslist.
200901021427 I have a homemade bike me and my brother built many years ago. Runs and drives but the back tire kind of rides sideways. The seat blew out a few years ago and I made do with a sofa cushion, duct tape and a couple of 2x 4's ( the ultimate fix! ). It runs like a champ but does smoke alot especially if you are hard on the gas. Uses about a quart of oil for each gas fillup. I usually just put the oil directly in the gas as it is going to burn it anyway and that way it is easy. Can't drive over 12 miles or so at a time as the motor gets red hot and starts loosing power so probably a good bike for someone who drives locally. Does backfire and squeel pretty loud occasionally so I usually wear earplugs of some kind. DOES NOT pass emmissions so would need to be registered in a county without emmisions check. Great first bike otherwise!
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  1. I hope the seller gets what it’s really worth! Surely a bike enthusiast like Jay Leno would pay a hefty sum.

  2. I just can’t believe it. The Lone Biker of the Apocalypse is selling his ride. Must be really hard up. Damn.

  3. I remember this photo, actually a series of photos, surfacing a few years ago. I have a feeling this is a hoax, as I think the maker of this mad max cycle lives somewhere in Asia. At least, I think… I would be very surprised if this is legit. As Eustace alludes to, the kind of guy who would make this crazy ride is probably not going to sell it to just any joe, and hopefully not as a “first bike”. BUT if it is for sale, I’M TOTALLY ON THAT SHEEIT!

  4. I’m in south China right now, and you just have to get out of the big cities to see literally dozens of motorcycles like that on the street, every day. Many of them come with a homemade side-car full of vegetables or propane containers or pig carcasses.

  5. Prettyboy, it sure as hell isn’t road legal anywhere in the world.

    Most likely some joker built this as a “funny bike” for drag racing or something. And since it has truck wheels, the rider will be having a hard time even only keeping it going straight for a quarter mile. I wouldn’t want to be going round any type of corner at speeds above 10mph on that thing.

  6. Damn! So that’s what happened to my ’70 Coupe de Ville.
    “Uses about a quart of oil for each gas fillup.”~ identifier.

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