MAKE: television site has videos of first episode

The first episode of MAKE: television debuts on public television today. But you can watch the show now by visiting Here's the "Maker-to-Maker" segment featuring my friend William Gurstelle.


  1. From now onwards any time I see this show I’m going to think of sticking a nibbler up your nose.

  2. That still looks like he’s smoking a pipe through his nose…

    But I loved the clip. Couldn’t find any programs on the tele from MAKE. Are we talking about a weekly show on PBS?

  3. @Junior – the show comes out in different times all over the USA each week, check the site for local listings and/or this page….

    the episodes are also available on the site, youtube, vimeo,, itunes, direct downloads.

  4. @7
    Amazing! I thought I was the only person who knew what a Neti pot was. At least in the predominantly English-speaking world.
    And then I must say… lol looking at the picture again.

  5. Neti Pots are sold (under various names) in many U.S. pharmacies. Just another item in the Cough & Cold aisle.

  6. judicious use of pneumatic nippers and your sinuses will drain freely all by themselves! no more need for neti pots!

  7. It seems to me that you’ve gotten away from your mission by telling us that to make simple things first we must invest in expensive tools.

  8. @jdmorse – part of being a maker doesn’t mean you’re allergic to tools, not all tools are expensive either, if you watch the segment bill shows yellow snip, a manual nibbler and a pneumatic version. this is a spectrum of tools that have different costs, one thing that i think that will happen that’s part of the maker movement is tool sharing – maybe it’s a place like techshop, maybe it’s a public library, but please don’t don’t say we only suggest investing in expensive tools, that’s not accurate.

  9. @PT-What draws me to the maker movement is the concept of accessibility. What the segment said to me was; here is a selection of tools to do this task and the BEST tool is the most expensive and least accessible. Yes, places like tech shop and club workshop improve accessibility, but they are not yet wide spread. This and my previous comment is aimed only at the “Nibbler” segment and not at Make or the maker movement. You are trying to reach a larger audience through TV and this is the message I got from the segment.

  10. @jdmorse – Make: television is more than just one segment you see here on boing boing, explore our site, the community, the forums and everywhere else makers go. i think segment showed bill’s project and the different tools you can use with this final one being one that he as a maker thought was best (it’s called maker to maker). you can use any of the tools to cut a circle in tin, and that’s what bill showed.

    all that said, thanks for the feedback – we’ll try and make sure we always have the full spectrum of tools for everyone and we’ll provide resources on the site so folks can learn free ways to do things as well as find others with the tools they might need.

    sound good?

  11. @PT- Sure. I do hang out in makerland, I’m a fan of all things Make, I was even a presenting maker at the 06 MakerFaire. I was just offering up my $.02 on the segment. I thought that was why it got put up. So, what is Mr. Gurstelle doing with his nose?

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