Al Franken Does Mick Jagger

This made my night. As news is coming out of Minnesota that the state Canvassing Board is ready to certify Al Franken as the winner of the very close senate race there, Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo was ready and waiting with this oh-so-excellent vintage Franken and Davis clip from Solid Gold.

--Bruce (via TPM)

(Shawn Connally and Bruce Stewart are guest bloggers)


  1. Yeeeeeaaah! THat’s some good old fashioned rock n roll! I think it might be a little before my time though…


  2. impressive! when i think of al franken, i always think of him during the first gulf war, lost out in the desert with the satellite dish on his helmet (and the buzzard pecking at him, heh!)

    this is at least as entertaining… :o)

  3. @ #12

    Please. This has been the most transparent recount in history. Florida didn’t have an

  4. Best. Jagger. Evar!

    I hear that when Jagger has one of his mini-strokes, he re-learns how to do his moves by watching this Franken clip.

  5. Thanks for picking this up off of TPM, an excellent politics blog. I watched it there while thinking ‘US Senator’ and the dissonance failed to make my head explode. Maybe the future has arrived after all.

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