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Furries are a fave on BB. We appreciate the fun these folks have dressing up like stuffed animals. Bizarre's Tom Broadbent attended RBW 2008, billed as the "largest furry convention in the UK," and returned with an excellent gallery of photos. From his photo essay:
There were loads of people there – from full fursuiters to tail-wearers. The selection of animals included fearsome wolves, big dogs, fuzzy foxes, a cool meerkat, a brilliant boar, a blinking dragon, an awesome lion and a few bears. It’s surreal being in a room full of oversized animals playing musical chairs. One of the best things about the day was getting loads of hugs from furry folk.
Furry Convention


  1. @ #1

    Furries aren’t necessarily fetishists, just like cosplayers or gamers who dress up like their characters. I know a few of them from comic book conventions and they aren’t any stranger than other comic geeks. My undertsanding is that most are uncomfortable with the overly sexual connotations associated with their fandom.


    … “Access to this site blocked because of: Pornography. Your IP address has been logged.”

    Not only will I now have to explain to my boss that I was looking at porn, but why was it furry porn.

    1. thats why you do research on your own personal computer if your not sure about something…

    2. Tell him that all of nature is naked not covered in any of mans dead lifeless things,and is therefore porn naked,and shamelessly having sex right in front of him,and that Adam and Eve were as shameless as a dog about nudity before sin and death came into the picture,and humans have been mortified about nothing ever since.The meek humans who will inherit the earth will have no problem with whatever sex, and nudity just like a dog has no problem with it.

  3. It’s the dead eyes that are the most creepy. They look like they’re designed to have so much soul and feeling and are just empty.

    Also, they’re wearing fursuits, probably with genital cutouts for yiffing. Gross.

  4. Waterlilygirl @1: There’s a LOT of fetishes that I don’t get (I’ve seen videos of women in high heels pressing on the gas pedal. Apparently that gets somebody off). I’m mostly surprised at how furries gain so much anger for their fetish, as opposed to people into anything else considered non-traditional.

    Maybe it’s because people equate it with a form of bestiality? I don’t know, but it’s incredibly undeserved.

  5. @ #6

    Honestly, the vast majority of fursuits do not have cutouts. The ones that do are fairly obvious and as such are not the ones worn out in public.

  6. What really appeals to me about furries is the space the fursuits occupy – somewhere between human and animal, somewhere between reality and imagination, somewhere between living and unliving.

    …though I have to admit that a girl has double appeal to me if she’s wearing ears and a tail.

  7. I walked THROUGH a furry convention once. A software demo I was attending was being held in a meeting room in the hotel.

    The people looked just like SF-convention people, and the signage and sign in tables and such looked just like SF convention signage and such.

    Difference, AFAICT, was that the fraction of folks who would be wearing klingon and stormtrooper costumes were instead wearing animals costumes.

    I was in the process of moving at the time. The next day, I went again and dropped off in the lobby a carton of SF books that I would have otherwise given to Goodwill. Just what I would have done if there was a SF convention in town.

  8. #8… There is no anger in my confusion. I just don’t get why people want to walk around in hot heavy costumes and act like a stuffed animal… I say more power to them! if they want to do this and have found others that want to do it with them. Doesn’t mean I have to understand it.

  9. A friend of my dad’s dropped off a huge box of SF books for us when I was 13 or 14. It was full of the greats, Heinlein, Asimov, Clark, Card, Ellison, and much, much more.
    I soaked up every bit of it, loved the stuff!
    Ever since Heinlein has been my all time favorite author.
    I was lucky enough when I was deployed in Iraq after sending a fanmail, to get a box of books from Piers Anthony, the great SF/Fan writer himself to share with my fellow mates, and he also included a signed auto-biography for me. It was certainly the highlight of my ugly year there.
    I’m a big fan of SF/Fan, crossover stuff, out of place, and especially a healthy dose of humor.

    As far as furries, I didn’t realize BB had an infatuation with furries as the article writer stated. I’m not exactly sure how I’d feel about being mobbed with hugs by the people in those photos. I think I’ve had dreams like that but luckily I don’t remember. :P

  10. @ #4 If it makes you feel any better, the furry article and pictures linked in this post are totally work safe. Its the site http://www.bizarremag.com itself that pr0nographic in nature. The furry convention article is pretty much the tamest thing on their site.
    Hopefully you don’t catch too much shyte at work for this!

  11. perhaps all readers could contribute their techniques and methods for dealing with employer surveillance. Surely there is a whole host of plausible explanations that can be trotted out to placate the nannying net-nazis of nonsensical “management”. How about: “I typed in “flurry” because I was checking the weather.”?

  12. #13: Hey, you may have helped me decide to do with my huge collection of SF paperbacks. Next move, and they go to the troops. The fact that many are signed will just be a bonus.

    I don’t think BB is actually infatuated with furries; just that whenever Xeni posts anything about them there are a disproportionally large fraction of “did we really need to see this?” comments.

  13. One of the things that I think people tend to forget is that fursuiting is a subset of ‘the furry fandom’. It’s like equating cosplayers with sci-fi fans. While most cosplayers are probably sci-fi fans (if we’re talking about ‘dressing up like sci-fi and fantasy characters from sci-fi and fantasy media’), the reverse is not true. i -> b does not mean b -> i and all that.

    Someone who just likes ‘anthropomorphic animals’ in some way is not necessarily the same as someone who dresses up like one.

    Also, if you want to get upset at fetishes, you could do far worse (far more upset-worthy?) than furries. It may pain some people on the internet to think that something is ‘worse’ than furry, but I have to invoke Rule 34 on this one.

    Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to run a hotel convention center. The crazy things you must see, what with pony-play and bdsm and leather-folk conventions and those people who wear ren-faire clothing and have dance parties and adult babies and all the other odd fringe groups (furries included.)

    1. I’m far too lazy to make a costume, but I would cheerfully help them run up a big dry cleaning bill.

  14. First off, glad to see someone else left a comment that echoes my own thoughts — I always am perplexed why the BoingBoing folks seem to equate fursuiters with furry fandom in general. In point of fact, most of the furries I know (including many artists who are regulars at U.S. conventions) are not into fursuiting or costuming.

    Secondly, I too got a rude surprise when I tried clicking the link while at work. We’re using Blue Coat as our proxy/filter, and the site in question was flagged for pornography. A NSFW warning would have been appreciated. I don’t know if this will trigger an audit where I work, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it does. :-(

  15. Furries and sexuality, ah… that old chestnut.

    Being a furry myself, going to a fair number of cons here in the US and knowing a fair number of furs in the past two years I’ve been active in the fandom, I can say that furries can be rather sexual creatures. They are also capable of being very non-sexual creatures as well. I know my share of furries that care about lots of different things far more than sex, if they even care about sex at all. I also know furs that only care about sex (seemingly). There’s a wide range. The reason why it appears to be that furry = sex fetish is that, for the people for whom it is a fetish, nobody has a problem exploring or expressing that within a wholly furry environment (i.e. on a furry message board or at a convention) – since furries are an open-minded lot, nobody holds much back, as there is little fear of ridicule from other members of the fandom, for whatever fetish or desire might be had.

    Oh and also? It is probably the case that many or most furry fans (besides the most casual of fans) find at least something sexually appealing about illustrated furry characters. Many are attracted to a certain art style (i.e. some like the detailed, more realistic drawings, and others prefer the more simplistic, stylized ‘toony drawings), but at any rate, many furry characters are simply designed to be attractive, adorable, and sometimes provocative; that’s what the artist has set out to accomplish, oftentimes. But think about it – if you thought of yourself as an anthropomorphic animal, wouldn’t porn be the most personal and effective if it matched what was up in your head?

  16. Not into the furry bit myself, but I know a couple of people into it. They’re no different than anybody else, really.

    It strikes me as one of those things people often overthink. It’s just a fandom; let it go. Either you’re into it or you’re not, don’t overthink it.

    I’ve visited AnthroCon and Furry Weekend Atlanta. AC had a lot more energy, but it also had a lot more unusual people. FWA was smaller and pretty relaxed. That’s about the most I could offer, because the rest of it looked all the same to me. :\ But if it makes people happy and nobody’s getting hurt, then there’s nothing to complain about. Their fandom is about sex just as much as Trekkies’ infatuation is about sex.

  17. Some random thoughts:

    While furry fandom gets a lot of flak from people who ought to know better, you have to realize there’s always going to be some people who Just Don’t Get It. (For example, it’s not all about the animal costumes—only about 15% of us have them.)

    Truth be known, furries really aren’t any different than any other geeky hobby. The reason BoingBoing takes notice is for the same reason they take notice of anything else unusual (and therefore cool).

    And I think folks who dump on something just because it’s unusual are missing out on a lot in life, IMHO.

    Anyway, here’s an informative article about furries from last year:
    Furry convention a $3 million cash cow for city businesses

    Furries make everything better. -=)

  18. I was surprised to see that, stylistically, the costumes all pretty much looked the same, like they were based on artwork from the same uninspired second-rate animation studio. They weren’t ugly exactly, but I could see them all as prizes from one of those Mr. Klaw skill games from the diner.

    Forced cuteness.

    1. I tried googlimaging ‘sexy furry’ but other than a picture of Mike Rowe, they were all pretty shapeless and lumpy.

  19. The ONE Fetish you don’t get WATERLILYGIRL? As UNCLE_MAX said:
    “There’s a LOT of fetishes that I don’t get”.

    Having said that. For a bloke of a certain age from the UK. The Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny could be considered a gateway character to Furrydom :)

  20. @26 That’s what confuses me, too. I’ve seen enough drawn furry art to know it’s quite varied and often stylish, so why the boring homogeny in the costumes?

  21. @29 This is mostly due to two reasons, firstly, most furries buy there fursuits from a known fursuit constructor, of which there are relatively few so the range of styles can be limited. But also the style is restricted to what is practicaly possible in terms of allowing for adequate vision, ventelation and making the whole fursuit look in proportion.

  22. What seems to be overlooked is that these are conventions with a bunch of ADULTS. Have you ever been to a convention or conference where people aren’t cracking onto each other? Truly? Even the plumbing sales conference? Sales person A sends drink over to sales person B, they wind up together in a hotel room.

    Just because people are in fur suits doesn’t mean they’re acting that differently from any other adults. It may just seem more overt.

  23. I guess if you’re self conscious about your appearance than dressing up in a fur suit would be a way around that. A horror movie with a Furry lead would be pretty creepy. Has that been done?

  24. The Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny could be considered a gateway character to Furrydom

    Perfect :)

  25. Most ppl don’t get OTHERS’ fetishes, plain and simple. How can furrydom be worse than real bestiality, anal/fecal, or whatever else you’re not into?

    I’ve always thought that fetishism was a function of awakening sexuality combined with a random(ish) input, and therefore personal, non-realizable, and outside explainability without at least telepathy!

  26. Sounds like the geek hierarchy is still in effect, more or less. One used to see the same sort of articles about Trekkies; Gene Roddenberry complained that he’d go to Star Trek conventions and meet all sorts of interesting people from all walks of life, and then he’d pick up the article written about it in the mainstream press and they’d always run pics of the guy dressed as an Andorian and the guy with about 100 buttons on his vest and hat.

    As others have noted above, there are all sorts of levels of furries. I know quite a few people that have a sort of totem animal that they identify with strongly, but that doesn’t mean that they feel compelled to dress up as them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, any more than there’s anything wrong with getting together with people and speaking an artificial language. I wonder if some of the backlash comes from people who are secretly ashamed of the passivity of their fandom and/or jealous of those who exercise more creativity and/or effort in living out their enthusiasm, rather than just vegging on the couch, eating Cheetohs.

  27. @28- I understand a lot of fetishes… foot, makeup, bondage, cross dressing, high heels, painted nails, pantyhose, costumes, dipers, sub, dom, ropes, rubber, latex, baby talk, water sports, etc… why is it so hard to understand that some people just don’t get the whole furries thing?

  28. Antinous sez:

    I’m far too lazy to make a costume, but I would cheerfully help them run up a big dry cleaning bill.


    …and Donnie Darko doesn’t count, but La Bete does.

    “You know you’ve been around this Internet thing too long when…” moment: I recognize more than a few names commenting on this particular story from.. oh.. lots of other places.

    I didn’t use my usual nickname (or userpic) when I registered on BB precisely because of the typical backlash against “OMG TEH FURRY!”

    The only discussion forums where I’ve never seen so much as an eyebrow raised are the more tech-oriented ones. Geeks are much more accepting in general.

  29. I accept Furries. In fact, if I was lost in a Furry part of town an needed directions I would not hesitate to ask a Furry. Although I would prefer to ask a Furry Police Officer, and would avoid Furries wearing gang colors.

  30. I’ve been going to furry conventions for over ten years now. Some of the statistics above are correct, only 10-15% of con attendees generally wear a costume, and an even smaller number of them appear regularly in suit.

    Part of what makes wearing a costume fun is the improv performances. Watching someone in an animal costume act normal and just stand around isn’t fun. There’s tons of great suiters out there that put on really entertaining performances, dancing around, pantomiming, interacting with each other, etc. And it’s fun to watch fursuiters play with balloons.

    As for why a lot of suits look the same, making a suit isn’t nearly as easy or cheap as you might think. There are indeed only a few people who make suits professionally, and they tend to stick to reference designs in order to keep costs down. (Making a good head model for a new design takes lots of trial and error.) A few people make their own suits anyway, and at least for the first few they make, it really shows. A few hundred dollars and a ton of very frustrating work gets you a bad-looking thing that gets ridiculed even within a convention. Start at a thousand to get something commonplace; and the sky’s the limit on money and time spent to make something really spectacular. And how much precious time and money are you going to spend on something that’ll get used for only a few hours a year? With that knowledge, I’m very forgiving of “bad” fursuits, especially when the performance can make up for it.

    As for fear of hugs, that’s a valid concern. Just because there’s a few costumes around doesn’t mean *anyone* should abandon etiquette. The big wolfman probably has more reason to fear random hugs than you do, though. There’s not much visibility and maneuverability for them, and a random hug could cause them to trip and fall. If you’re interested in giving/getting a hug, whether in suit or not, make sure you have the other person’s attention and spread your arms in the universal “give me a hug” gesture and wait for them to respond before continuing.

  31. And to echo some of the above: Furry is a fandom, not a fetish. It’s a love of anthropomorphism in all part of media and culture, from Bugs Bunny cartoons to animal-headed Egyptian gods. Rather than consuming stuff designed for the general populace, however, more emphasis is placed on originality. Rather than role-play some situations based on Star Trek or Harry Potter (as nifty as those may be) entire new worlds are created and inhabited by the fandom. Tons of beautiful, fantastic, and funny artwork enters the fandom every day. Lots of exciting stories. Video entertainment through puppetry. All sorts of music from filk to techno is made. Making sculptures, stuffed animals, and full-body suits. It’s a treasure trove of art and culture that’s incredibly diverse and beholden to no one.

    And of course, furry isn’t just a single mono-interest that works alone. Like anyone else, furries like to combine other interests they have to make even more interesting things. Furry Star Trek roleplay, fursuit bowling, airsoft with partial costumes, webcomics of animal people, podcasts discussing news related to anthropomorphics, video game avatars with ears and tails, the list goes on. One of the other interests of a lot of people is sex. Does it really seem all that strange that some people would want to combine that with furry?

  32. many star wars fans would sleep with a hot girl in a slave girl bikini (and maybe call her sis???)

    you don’t see me calling star wars people fetishes.

    as a off and on again furry and an animal roleplayer (The two are vastly DIFFRENT), I get offended by the fetish stigma.

    I knew a furry artist who drew nice characters who had 100s of fans amongst her friends, I told her she could make lots of money selling anthro animal pron and she refused.. with a look of minor nausea on her face. I am telling you it takes all kinds.

    On the other hand, call an animal roleplayer a fetishist and I would be forced to agree, even with no intercourse going on.

  33. As Alix Fox, a writer for Bizarre magazine said.

    “As much as I’m yapping on about what the mutts might like to do with their nuts, the reality is that I witness little if anything of a sexual nature going on during my time with the Furries. Everyone is chummy without being overfriendly, and meets are mostly spent larking about in character – playfighting, blowing bacon- and catnip-scented bubbles sourced from pet shops, and delighting in the jaw-to-the-floor reactions of passing children during the much-anticipated walk around London. There’s a lot of computer-based chat; perhaps due to a strong Furry presence in online role-playing games, many anthro amigos enthuse as much about bytes as they do barks. And as an artist – the other main faction of the furry community – Shirik admits that “there are a lot of programming in-jokes in Furry humour and I find it hard to understand some of the geeky humour that goes on at times”.

    Furries strike me as a highly creative and warmhearted bunch, and it’s a shame that so many misguided people seem to want to dock their tails and neuter their apparently harmless fun. They may be breaking away from the herd, but having seen things from the inside, I’m inclined to say that the world might be a chirpier place if a few more sheep dared dress in wolves’ clothing.”


    NUFF SAID ;)

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