Turning plastic crap into beautiful objects


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That ugly piece of junk plastic clock is actually an $80 sun alarm clock. One of those ones that gets brighter the closer it gets to alarm time. Unfortunately, I know because I own two.

  2. pahool says:

    I love it! I’d try to preserve the natural wood look rather than painting it, although it might be tricky to hide those joints.

    I think the Fred Flintstone look is part of the charm, as is the simplicity and lack of information such as labels on the dials. It’s very elegant. The juxtaposition of the brushed metal and LED display with the natural wood finish kicks ass! Monkey vs. Robot! It’s an inspiration!

    I actually saw some wood clock radios similar to this on display at the gift shop in the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles last week. I think they were running around $200. I wish I’d thought to take some pictures of them at the time.

  3. radiorental says:

    Thank for the positive comments folks, for the colour suggestions Kieran… although I’m sort of edging towards orange.

    I’m really fascinated by the like it or loathe it reaction. I appreciate it doesnt look that good, its not finished and the Flintstone reference gets me chuckling every time I think of it

    Maybe if I photoshop it up like the manufacturers people will be less caustic.

  4. slappymcbutterpants says:

    4:20. Heh.

  5. dculberson says:

    I thought it was a lovely effort, Radiorental. Good job and vote earned.

  6. General Specific says:

    Nice job, Radiorental! Is the yellow LED just a power indicator, or a Tivoli-style tuning tool?

  7. radiorental says:

    The yellow LED is the AM/PM indicator. The manufacturer was too stingy to incorporate it in to the actual display. The fact the display is on is enough to tell me the power is on (o;

  8. rAMPANTiDIOCY says:

    coincidence? unlikely

  9. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Horseradish, I liked it better when you were talking about giant steaks with their own webcams.

  10. franko says:

    i think the wooden frames result is awesome.

  11. horseradishroad says:

    ww. trnng smthng gly nt smthng vn glr–brv. it looks like something from seventh grade shop class that dad would have to pretend to love when he got it for christmas.

  12. dculberson says:

    Somebody’s rude.

  13. Chas44 says:

    Yep. Still fugly. It went from “1950s Robot Head” to “Fred Flintstone clock radio.”

  14. lukus says:

    I love the wood – and I think it looks good. Maybe it’s not quite up their with Bang & Olufsen, but give the guy a break.

    I love the concept – turning something mass-produced and generic (which is most likely designed to be disposable) into something which is unique, will be looked after and will last. It’s brilliant.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If you ignore the combo of 4:20 and the Buzz up! link, look at the other clock. 7:10, which is OIL upside down. Obviously Make is just a pawn of Big Oil, luring us to buy petrol-based plastics and then cover them up with wood. They are just so transparent. Or perhaps I just did not ignore the 4:20 part. ;)

  16. TayArgJosh18 says:

    If you skip over the combo of 4:20 and the Buzz up! link, look at the other clock. 7:10, which is OIL upside down. Obviously Make is just a pawn of Big Oil, luring us to buy petrol-based plastics and then cover them up with wood. They are just so transparent.
    Or -and this is just a theory- I did not skip over the 4:20 part today. ;)

  17. Takuan says:

    and to say that you bother commenting?

  18. kaosmonkey says:


    Looks like the endcaps from my paper towel holder and the knobblies from my penny hockey board. Seventh grade. Good call. Mom loved them.

  19. Ugly Canuck says:

    Better than turning beautiful objects into plastic crap, at any rate.

  20. radiorental says:

    The Oil time was accidental but I’m liking it (o;

    The Flintstones comparison is a fair point, its -10C here in Boston, my workshop is unheated and the Instructables.com comp dealine loomed.

    The box isnt quite finished… I promise it doesnt look half as shyte in real life. I’m painting it tomorrow once the freezing rain stops. Watch this space for a better photo.

    Speaking of the comp… if you were happen to take the time to send a vote my way I’d truly appreciate it, might even forgive the “dad would have to pretend to love” jibe.. thats low mate, wicked low (o; /pauric

  21. Kieran O'Neill says:

    I don’t know – the brushed metal, dark wood finish and rounded edges look like high 70s fashion for radios. I’ve seen at least one fairly fancy hotel room decorated similarly.

    To the whiners: You did wooden veneer in 7th grade shop? Taking apart and re-wiring electronics? Making Rabbet joints with routers? Really?

    Radiorental, I’d go with a neutral colour – black, dark brown or mid-grey. Either that or more veneer – you want to make sure those joints are invisible.

  22. Hanglyman says:

    I personally find them both ugly… but at least different kinds of ugly.

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