CCTV decals for your toilet


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  1. Roy Trumbull says:

    There was a bar circa 1975 in Embarcadero Center One in San Francisco that had a urinal that was wired to trigger a tape playback to a CRT above the urinal. The video was of a young lady making suggestive remarks. Guys would bring their dates in to see it.

  2. imipak says:

    My toilet proudly wears an assortment of “Designed for Microsoft Windows” badges peeled off various computers whilst watching the progress bars during Linux installation…

  3. Gary61 says:

    “Ceiling Cat is remotely watching you pee.”

  4. semiotix says:

    Well OBVIOUSLY those things are pointed in the wrong direction. Switch the two cameras around and THEN you’ve got a stereoscopic view of my wang, which I assume is the point.

    Actually I assume that’s the point of any video camera, which has led to a lot of ruffled feathers over the years.

  5. birdbrainedbb says:

    Stick this in the bathrooms at my college and maybe people’ll stop peeing on the floor.

  6. Ernunnos says:

    Oh yes, let’s decorate our homes with ugly symbols of oppression. I’m all for irony, but Christ, people. Can it at least wait until after my morning piss?

  7. microcars says:

    If you are having a party, try this little experiment:

    Put a video camera up so it can see everyone in the kitchen (or whereever the people are)
    Run the feed to a small TV in the bathroom that is opposite the toilet.

    Turn on the camera and TV.

    Check and see how often you find the TV turned OFF during the evening.

    People get creeped out with the TV in the bathroom and think that because they can see everyone, everyone can see them and they turn off the TV.

  8. dbarak says:

    Before I buy these for my toilet, I have to know if they’re waterproof…

  9. zuzu says:

    I feel so much safer.

  10. mairas says:

    The fact that the stickers are made in Israel adds quite a bit of undesired symbolism to the CCTV pictures…

  11. Oren Beck says:

    Rule 34?

  12. Takuan says:

    how faraway are we from an actual working CCTV camera that comes in the form of a flat sticker?

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