Cookie Monster eats World Trade towers in 1976


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  1. lesbianjesus says:

    GIS for

    saga images at twilight

    It’s the only album I own, cause of the cover :)

  2. palindromic says:


  3. mightymouse1584 says:

    does that moon have a second moon in front of it? also, is it in front of the clouds?

  4. Anonymous says:

    JimH wins the Internets for the day…

  5. phlavor says:

    @ #3

    Spoken like a true liberal. We LIBERATED the Fraggles from the tyranny of the Gorgs. King and Queen of the Universe, indeed! Now the Fraggles are free to eat all the radishes they want and eventually doozer sticks as soon as Halliburton rebuilds Fraggle Cave.

  6. tonixtonix says:

    Sesame Street is filmed in Queens at the same studio they filmed Carlitos Way. Coincidence? I think not – Cookie is obviously gang or mafia affiliated and this is clearly inter-borough turf war propaganda.

  7. Tim says:

    that’s no moon…

  8. darth_schmoo says:

    I can’t find it now, but the cover of the DirecTV magazine that was sent out immediately prior to 9/11 showed an NFL linebacker standing tall and Godzilla-like between two Twin-like towers. Lightning flared in the background, and he seemed to be bellowing with rage.

    DTV had to send out a massive spampology to subscribers, and everyone at their call centers was trained on how to handle outraged callers.

    Google has failed me, but if anyone can link to that cover, there’s a cookie in it for you.

    Mmmmm…. cookies.

  9. Aneurysm says:

    …it’s a space station. Vader deployed him. Word.

    Cookie Monster is one of those no good pinko commie hippie liberal TERRORISTS!! OH NOES!!1! WHAT WYLL WII DEW DUDERZ!?

    @24 – Henson always wins ^_^

  10. katsujinken says:

    Shouldn’t he be eating a building that looks more like a cookie? The Pentagon, for example, looks kind of like those little European shortbread cookies that come in a tin. This totally breaks my willing suspension of disbelief in a Cookie Monster. What’s next? A magazine cover of The Count eating Alphabet Soup?

  11. urshrew says:

    Is it just me or are the Towers actually hollow? How does this fit into the 9/11 Demolition theory?

  12. bruhinb says:

    @InsertFingerHere: Are confusing this cover with the movie Groverfield?

  13. StRevAlex says:

    Oh, that Cookie Monster!

  14. eagleapex says:

    too soon….

  15. Adam Gurri says:

    Google Trends was right!

  16. Stewart Haddock says:

    Just throw a star in that moon, and what do you have?

  17. UglyDeafMuslimPunkGurl says:


    Now can I have some of those cookies?

  18. misterdna says:

    Very interesting image, all considered. It also reminds me of this sticker for the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing atop the twin towers.

  19. JJR1971 says:

    So THAT’s why the towers collapsed! Invisible cookie monster damage…now I get it. I’ll sleep easier now.

  20. Ned613 says:

    It looks like there are three sky lobbies in the buildings cookie monster is munching on. Each real WTC tower only had only two.

  21. whistlejacket says:

    never forget

  22. jimh says:

    This issue was brought to you by the letters OMG and the numbers 9 and 11.

  23. a_user says:

    dang I bet they’re regretting it now, especially since later Bert joined al Qaeda

  24. Jack says:

    That was the same year the Dino De Laurentiis King Kong came out.

    This cover is 1000% better than that whole film.

  25. 1 Canuck says:

    No problem!!
    That bad boy was slain at Dragon*Con’08 (see 09/23/08 archives)

  26. pinehead says:

    C is for catastrophe, that’s good enough for me.

  27. jathomas says:

    The worst part is that after the Cookie Monster struck, our government went to war with the Fraggles, following a strong propoganda campaign.

  28. winkingskunk says:

    And people say there is no conspiracy behind 9/11.

  29. Clayton Hove says:

    Well, they do sorta resemble Twix…

  30. InsertFingerHere says:

    You just KNOW that J. J. Abrams had this book as a kid.

  31. businessclass says:

    This is why my kids will never watch Seasame Street. We can’t let them win!

  32. DMcK says:

    This is still the best ripoff of the ’76 Kong poster.

  33. xopl says:

    Come on, Cookie Monster! You know better…

    The World Trade Center is a “sometimes food.”

  34. Fred Rated says:

    Famous Amos shot JFK.

  35. pinteresque says:

    That’s adorable. And eerie. And adorable. And…yeah. The innocence is overwhelming.

    I miss it.

  36. Fred Rated says:

    Of course…

    Then he was just Amos.

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