Cooksey-Talbott's Vertical Panorama Landscapes


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Going to cinematogaphic teminology, shouldn’t they be called “tiltoramas”?

  2. Takuan says:


  3. Art Carnage says:

    I think Hugh Hefner invented this back in the 50s.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you think they’re good, check out the vertical panoramas by this photographer – amazing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hum, I’ve taken some similar photos of waterfalls and things. His are prettier though.

  6. technogeek says:

    I do like the vertical-panorama format. Very reminiscent of the vertical-hanging scroll paintings, or painted folding screens, from China and Japan.

    #1: Yeah, the pinup gatefold form-factor is similar… but that’s neglecting the “infinite depth of field” effect that he’s getting out of these panoramics, since he’s able to focus separately on near and far field. Not to mention the extremely wide angle of view, which is a lot more flattering to nature than it would be to a human.

    Hm. I wonder what would happen if you combined this with the extended-dynamic-range techniques? Hyperrealism, anyone?

  7. dargaud says:

    I also make a lot of vertical panoramas. Some old ones are here, but others are to be found throughout my site.

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