Law prof wants to webcast RIAA lawsuit


5 Responses to “Law prof wants to webcast RIAA lawsuit”

  1. isforinsects says:

    All hail Eon, Dean of the Internet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If this goes ahead I would watch it with utterly fascination. I’ve spent all my life watching Hollywood act out criminal trials for style rather than substance, I’ve never seen an American civil case heard before a judge and given that I’m sitting in Scotland it’s doubtful I will soon.

    Watching with bated breath.

  3. absimiliard says:

    All of those Gary61, wasn’t the answer obvious?

    -abs is remarkably unhappy about the proposed appointment of one the RIAA lawyers as an assistant Attorney General for the USA by Obama, but continues to hold out hope that Obama might just reign him in, but recognizes that hope is almost certainly a false one

  4. crashsystems says:

    My related theory: the RIAA lawyers have reviewed the case, and do not think they can win. With that in mind, they decide to announce a shift in tactics before the case is lost in court, so as to try to prevent from looking stupid when they do loose (not that it will work, of course).

  5. Gary61 says:

    What does the RIAA want to hide? Their own incompetence? A degraded business model? Or their willingness to sue children, grandmas, and anyone else who gets in the way of their profit-taking?

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