Shanghai recreated in dice and poker chips


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  1. cinghialino says:

    hey, thank you for using my pictures!!
    you can also find other photos of that exibition, here is the link:

    have a nice day,
    Cinghialino ( Alessandro Casagli )

  2. johnnfoy says:

    this is a cool image….

  3. absimiliard says:

    Whoah, I thought it was legos too.

    My bad.

    -abs feels abashed at going on appearance instead of what the words near the cool picture actually said *oops*

  4. absimiliard says:

    Wow! Awesomely cool.

    -abs isn’t the lego-fiend in his family, but this is just damn neat

  5. sebastiano says:


  6. things says:

    damn, I thought it was made of legos, I got excited there for a second

  7. acrocker says:

    What timing. I’m finally getting around to reading Diamond Age. I’m now going to see Shanghai of the book look like this on my head…

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