Andy Griffith theme/Beyonce mashup

Here's a mashup that'll put a smile on your dial: Party Ben's Single Ladies (In Mayberry) (Beyoncé vs. "The Andy Griffith Show" Theme) is just the thing to start the day right with a vision of little Ronnie Howard and Beyonce leading a parade down Mayberry's main street to Aunt Bea's house for tea and cakes. It's part of the latest installment in the annual Best of Bootie series, which includes 33 tracks in total this year.

Party Ben - Single Ladies (In Mayberry) (Beyoncé vs. "The Andy Griffith Show" Theme), Party Ben - Single Ladies (In Mayberry) (Beyoncé vs. "The Andy Griffith Show" Theme) (Coral cache mirror), (Thanks, Adrian & Mysterious D of Bootie!)


  1. Not to be a downer – I think Party Ben’s stuff is great (and this works pretty well) – but I dug out the Andy Griffith Theme for comparison, and it’s even better if you leave out Beyonce entirely.

    But if you need an excuse to play Andy Griffith Theme at a dance party, this is brilliant.

  2. Party Ben is an incredible music visionary. It amazes me that he could even imagine these going together – and they do to great effect. Excellent and highly recommended! Hope Beyonce gets to hear it.

  3. Track #4 on the comp is absolutely brilliant — a pastor rapping to the kids about backward messages in Queen’s “Another Bites the Dust,” to the tune of… “Another One Bites the Dust.”

    Now I’m going to walk around all day singing “You make the music go back, you hear Satan speakin’ ” over and over in my head. Fine by me.

  4. Ha ha…. yeah, it is a little BO-TIE ish…but it’s BOOTIE, short for bootleg = bootleg mashup!

  5. … sound like crap.

    I hate mash-ups. Both songs were good enough to begin with, now they just don’t make sense. This is totally pop culture-identification/ nostalgia thing and little else.

  6. The tone and pacing of the Wrex-N-Effect/MIA song are amazing. At first I thought it would sound forced because of the obvious “All I wanna do” chorus, but it works well.

  7. What a cheerful tune!

    I remember reading years ago about Afrika Bambaataa using the Andy Griffith theme while DJing.

  8. Lord help me, I turn forty this year – which didn’t mean much to me until I find myself staring blankly at a lot of artists names I’ve either never heard of, or have some vague recollection of having been mentioned in some tabloid gossip pages. And I used to be fairly smug about the eclecticism of my musical taste and collection. Also, I bought a Frank Sinatra album last week (“wee small hours”) so I guess that’s it for me and credibility. Where do I get my cardigan and slippers?

  9. This makes “Single Ladies” 100% better. It did however leave with me the strange yet comedic mental image of Don Knotts gettin’ busy on the dance floor.

  10. As much as I liked the whole Bootie thing ‘back in the day’ and would have loved a hop across the pond to S.F. to attend. There has only ever been one master masher and that was Soundhog. It was always much more than just an A vs B track…to see some of the jumped up ‘tards putting out that corporate ‘club’ backed cut and paste cack nowadays really boils my wizzle…

    /reaches for Soundhog 90 minute mix…on tape.

    Yes! I said ‘on tape’

    in light of current downturn I can thouroughly recommend the opening 4 mins of Radio Soundhog vol 6.

  11. Was very impressed with this years BOB ’08 selection…not too fond of this Andy Griffith/Beyonce deal…personal faves include Roxanne/Bee Gees and Bella Love/Lipps Inc.

    Great comp. overall…Cheers to Bootie

  12. #17 i totally had the same image, Barney doing the dance routines from the video, in uniform and all.

    i had to follow it up by digging out BR5-49’s Opie ‘n’ Me.

    great compilation this year. really fun stuff as always.


  13. Thanks everyone!

    The Bootie site is alive and well. If it went down, it was only for a minute while it changed servers… in fact, we got this from our ISP today:

    “By the way, yesterday your site pushed almost 500 GB of bandwidth: This is an absolute daily bandwidth record across our network. And then we switched your account to another dedicated server.”

    We’re so happy that THIS year (unlike the last two), because we purchased an extra server, we’ve been able to stay live and get this music out to you guys!


    PS – Again, MANY THANKS TO CORY and Boing Boing!!

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