Snail Car and $20k Instructables contest

Instructables is holding a contest where the most amazing HOWTO, as selected by the readers, will win $20,000 worth of Craftsman tools. That's a lot of hardware. There are nearly 200 entries, from a car that runs on trash to an LED hula hoop to a six-legged robot. Honestly, all of the projects are amazing for different reasons. My vote goes to The Golden Mean, Jon Sarriugarte and Kyrsten Mate's dreamy snail car that we've featured here before and I covered in MAKE (Vol. 16). Instructables $20k contest


  1. This reminds me of a joke my uncle told me when I was a kid. A snail goes into a car dealership and tells the manager: “I’ll buy a car from you, but only if you paint the letter S on it.” When the manager asks him why, he says: “so when I drive by, people will say, WOW, look at that little S car go!”

  2. Whoa now, don’t forget that Gadgets posted about the Hexabot as soon as that Instructable hit the net.

    I rode that baby. It was created entirely in the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Club, using a lot of parts provided by the club. I think Rich even donated the Hexabot to the club when he was finished. It would be AMAZING for the Robotics Club if he won.

    Go Rich! You’re the man!

  3. Do recall that if you win, that 20K of tools will count as income for the year. Tax brackets and all that.

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