Artist Femke Hiemstra's new site

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Amsterdam-based artist Femke Hiemstra is one of my favorite pop surrealist artists. Her phantasmagorical fairy tales entrance me with their darkness, beauty, and curious flora and fauna. I have one small original drawing and hope to someday have another piece, particularly one of her mixed media works. Hiemstra has just launched a luscious new Web site, Femtasia.

Fredddfemke UPDATE: Turns out, my old colleague Chris Friden created a card game using Femke Hiemstra's artwork! It's called FRED.


  1. Great link David! Bookmarked!

    I’m somewhat ashamed to confess that I am dutch myself, yet I had never heared of this superb artist.

    Really great stuff.

  2. Mintphresh

    Actualy, Femke is a frysian name usualy bestowed onto girls, so I do believe the artist in question is female.
    As her website mentiones, het first book will be out in the spring of 2009. It will be called “Rock Candy” and it will be published by Fantagraphics.

  3. That artwork is very, very reminiscent of Mike Harding’s “Up the Bo Aye Shooting Pookakis” from 1980.

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