Amazing Photography of Bees and Bunnies and More, Oh My!


10 Responses to “Amazing Photography of Bees and Bunnies and More, Oh My!”

  1. ispinyarns says:

    Look at the ears on that rabbit! So cute!

  2. deliciouscheeseburger says:

    Bunnies! Who needs a Unicorn Chaser when you have bunnies! Good one, Shawn & Bruce.

  3. moonpost says:

    Very nice photo find. Might suggest‘s gallery for some other nice (and nicely priced) works, like Bootsy Holler, Wendy Cooper, Penny Gentieu or Laura Kicey.

  4. Ian70 says:

    I respectfully disagree with your assessment of these photographs. I don’t find them compelling at all. I do marvel at the photographer’s ability to consistently not capture her subjects at their best.

  5. cwclifford says:

    Dern, we broke her site!

  6. arkizzle says:

    That’s just her porn name though, she’s listed in the phone book, recursively..

  7. arkizzle says:

    Curses! Wrong thread!

    (hah, I shoulda said nothing and left you asll scratching your heads trying to connect the themes..)

  8. Antinous / Moderator says:

    You know who just couldn’t take a photo was that Diane Arbus. All her subjects came out looking like freaks.

  9. mrsomuch says:

    seems to be working now, really stunning work too. a lovely find!

    I’d also like to say that I’ve been really enjoying your posts, they all seem to be right up my street, so thanks for the all the little adventures you have sent me on, tis much appreciated!

  10. 5t311a says:

    when I saw the bunny photo….I excitedly went to her site but was disappointed to see that the lop rabbit photos referred to them as French lops when in fact they are English Lops! I raise this type of rabbits!!! they are really really sweet and their ears average about 24 inches long from tip to tip! :D the others were marked correctly but my beloved breed were maligned by being call French when they are English. ;p

    5t311a @)-

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