Amazing Photography of Bees and Bunnies and More, Oh My!


As a long-time couple, finding art or photography that we both enjoy can sometimes be difficult. For instance, we’ve been searching for a painting of the rolling hills of Sonoma County that we can both live with for roughly 18 years.

However, the work of Kate Kunath amazes both of us, not only because of the quality of the images, but because of the thought she puts into each of her projects. Whether it’s dilapidated buildings in China or the portraits of people holding rabbits, we both agree these are beautiful and thought-provoking. We first heard about Kunath’s work when Treehugger featured her Stung: Beekeeping in the 21st Century series of photos, which is also full of terrific photos we can both agree on.

Kate Kunath’s Work

(Shawn Connally and Bruce Stewart are guest bloggers)