Pigment ink prints of a 'Jan Steen Household'

Julie Blackmon's series of luscious pigment ink prints, entitled "Domestic Vacations," are comic and antic photos of a home in glorious chaos. They're apparently inspired by the 17th century Dutch painter Jan Steen. As Nag on the Lake notes, "The Dutch proverb 'a Jan Steen household' originated in the 17th century and is used today to refer to a home in disarray, full of rowdy children and boisterous family gatherings. The paintings of Steen, along with those of other Dutch and Flemish genre painters, helped inspire this body of work."

Domestic Vacations (Thanks, Marilyn!)


  1. I know art folks might shoot me for this — but I see a bit of — oh gawd I’m sorry, I don’t mean this how it might sound — a Jeff Koons influence.

    That is, if Jeff Koons work wasn’t as, oh geez, I shouldn’t start. Really. I don’t have the artgeek cred for it.

    Anyhoo, There’s a touch of Edward Gorey here too in spirit, at least.

    Jan Steen’s paintings didn’t have that sence of ominous foreboding (Gorey) and (crap, here I go) porcelain sparse surrealness (Koons) that these compositions offer.

    That all being said, I like these quite a bit. They make me stop and breathe and stare.

  2. I love the way the adults are more-or-less trivialized: relegated to the background, obscured and/or cropped out.

    To paraphrase an old familiar line: “It’s 4pm, do you know where your parents are?”

  3. It looks like realism to me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to pull a child out of a woodstove.

  4. I love it. alot.

    The Mind games series reminds me massively of Sally Mann, beautiful stark, natural images that really capture childhood with all the blood and tears and awkward questions.

    I will treasure this.

  5. it’s great but… “a home in glorious chaos”? If I could have things looking that mellow around here I’d be THRILLED

  6. Nanner, you beat me to it! The pictures are beautiful, but seem peaceful from where I sit. My boys would be blurred streaks.

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