Stuff Journalists Like


Most everyone I know loves a good inside joke. You know, the kind that makes fun of some stereotypical characteristic of some subset of human beings, yet applauds the lifestyle at the same time. I am no exception to this rule and have thoroughly enjoyed laughing at myself while reading Stuff White People Like.

I’ve recently discovered that I can enjoy the insider jokes of an even smaller subset of humanity, journalists. Journalists have a penchant for smugness, really reveling in the usage of large, unpronounceable words, and highlighting the great breadth of knowledge that is crammed into every square inch of their do-good, I'm-an-outsider mentality. I know this because I'm one of the often snide guilty parties.

Having previously worked in a newspaper newsroom for almost a decade, I especially take delight in the entries that editors Christopher Ortiz and David Young have posted about coffee, press passes, and free food. Here’s a snippet about the fact that journalists like to date other journalists:

Journalists like dating each other because only fellow journalists understand the phrase: “Not tonight dear, I’m on deadline.”

Attempts to date people outside of the newsroom who cannot name gubernatorial candidates, have a limited vocabulary and who don’t know who Hunter S. Thompson is will only lead to a return to dating journalists.

Bruce has warned me that this may all be a little too obscure for some people to see the humor in, but I have high hopes for people’s ability to enjoy making fun of reporters.


Stuff Journalists Like

(Shawn Connally and Bruce Stewart are guest bloggers)