So Long, and Thanks for All the Comments

We’ve had an amazing time during our stint as guest bloggers on the ever fabulous Boing Boing. In discussing our experience, we both noted how much we’d actually learned, and we don’t mean in terms of how or what to blog. We mean that the readers and commenters of this blog are smart and knowledgeable, and are generally cheerful in their sharing of this knowledge. So thanks for all the new links, new info, and new insights that we now have swimming around in our heads and on our Stickies.

It was also great fun reconnecting with long lost friends and coworkers, as well as meeting tons of new and interesting people. We hope you’ve all enjoyed our two weeks of blogging even just a fraction of how much we’ve enjoyed it ourselves. And, of course, thanks so much to Mark, Pesco, Xeni, and Cory for this fun-filled opportunity.

As our last offering, here’s a music blog we enjoy checking in on from time to time. Ska Blah Blah points to interesting documentaries and old footage of reggae and ska legends, as well as news about newcomers and the state of today’s reggae and ska scenes. We first heard about a fun band, The Aggrolites from a Small Talk podcast on Ska Blah Blah. And proprietor JJ Loy (also a Make author) recently introduced guest blogging to the site’s repertoire, so who knows, maybe we’ll land another guest blogging gig sometime in the future!

(Shawn Connally and Bruce Stewart are guest bloggers)


  1. Shawnbruce, you were amazing! I’m so happy to know you two. I think you should start your own blog!

  2. lovely meeting you! Be sure to wash all your clothing in bleach before returning home and hope to see you again soon!

  3. loved reading your posts! best of luck with the building project, please post more about it as u finish it. prosperity and happiness to u both!

  4. I have to say that I’m with that lot up there ^^^

    especially Tak. rly.

    you guys have easily been my favourite guest bloggers. please come back soon!

    (I just had a weird waking dream/schizo episode/ mental infirmity thing where I imagined some kind of odd 70’s cocktail party in a shabby motel room with all the Boingers, you two and John Hodgeman. you were all just kind of standing around holding very elaborate drinks looking a little uncomfortable. I should probably be worried right?)


  5. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea anyone here was in to my life long passion.

    ITES from the NOLA

  6. I have to admit that I learned a ton from you both as well. The Octonauts, the FAKE pyramids, and were all purchased/linked/forwarded to everyone I know. Come back soon!!!!!

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