Rabbit Hole Day: January 27th -- change your blogging style!


14 Responses to “Rabbit Hole Day: January 27th -- change your blogging style!”

  1. Takuan says:

    what? what blog would that be?

  2. neurolux says:

    It’s also Mozart’s birthday. Also Keith Olbermann’s birthday. And my birthday too.

  3. Zwab says:

    Ironically, John Updike, author of the Rabbit series, died today of lung cancer.

  4. markfrei says:

    My birthday is Jan 27th. I try to live a rabbit hole life… :-)

  5. Roy Trumbull says:

    I will snicker snack the entire day.

  6. musicman says:

    the directory of ghastly and appalling things?

  7. Keir says:

    interesting, the featured item seems to present Rabbit Hole Day as a strictly LiveJournal thing, Cory’s paragraph frames it in a more inclusive way :)

  8. Bevin says:

    Ooh, I’m in.

  9. David Carroll says:

    I thought every day was “Rabbit Hole Day” at BB.

    You could go retro.

    Or you could blog from the future!

    Or you could do the whole day in Iambic Pentameter (This one’s for you Teresa).

    Or you could put your heads together and come up with an actual good idea ’cause you’re uber-bloggers, and I am not! ;)

  10. Takuan says:

    in my world, every day is Rabbit Hole Day.

  11. TheNewsGuy says:

    Ah, Rabbit Hole day! I couldn’t help sending The News Guy down the hole over on Slightly Off-Topic (http://slightlyofftopic.com)

  12. dofnup says:

    My birthday, too, yay!! ^_^

  13. Morttheinsane says:

    Oooh – this may be a little too radical a suggestion – one whole post without superlatives or hyperbole! Is it possible? I guess we’ll find out.

  14. ekricyote says:

    Better idea, let’s have a Unrabbit Hole Day.

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