Shoot the Baddies

Shoot the Baddies, by Flickr user Olly Moss, whose portfolio site is here . (Thanks, Wayne de Geere!)


  1. I don’t recognize some of them but it’s an fun notion. The zombie target is wrong though. Everyone knows you go for the head, not the heart.

  2. @nanuq

    No doubt. And it’s pointless to practice shooting at Vader. If Han Solo can’t get a shot off before Vader makes his blaster fly out of his hand, Joe Schmo with a slug thrower isn’t going to do any better.

  3. #4: That’s what I was thinking! I cried as a child when I saw Godzilla die. I would never want to kill him again.

    Similar thing could be said for Darth Vader, too. Maybe not misunderstood, but misguided.

  4. I see:

    1. Darth Vader
    2. Terminator?
    3. Zombie
    4. Freddy Kruger
    5. Space Invader
    6. Generic Robot or Megatron?
    7. Gojira
    8. Secret Service Agent
    9. Goomba

  5. Gojira’s a good guy in at least some of the movies…

    He chose a surprising number of things that range from outright bulletproof to very difficult to hurt with one.

    (Disclaimer: I class zombies as bullet-proof, because i’m in the “headshots don’t work, you have to chop them into pieces too small to move” camp)

  6. A wise man once said:
    “Get the girl, kill the baddies, and save the entire planet”
    A wiser man sang it.

  7. it’s really bugging me… the goombah is a rip from a sixties or seventies illo from Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine… the profile is unmistakable and the image is clear in my mind… now I’m going to have to rummage through a haystack of mouldering paper…dammit.

  8. Ah, so you prefer Quake style zombies, Daemon@13. Quote from the manual: “Thou canst not kill that which doth not live. But you can blast it into chunky kibbles.”

    (I’m more a headshot-should-kill-zombies kind of guy. I think the shotgun is the best weapon to field against the walking dead. Shotguns vs zombies can work in Quake, but you need to have the quad and use the supershotty at close range.)

    As to the picture, totally awesome. It would be great fun to take to the range.

  9. That’s not a zombie, folks. #3 is definitely a Sleestak. I’ve shot many homebrewed lazers at them to know one when I see it.

  10. FYI, Olly posts pretty often on Penny Arcade’s “Artist’s Corner” message board, if you’re looking for more of his stuff. Head over to and click on forum.

    (I’m not affiliated with PA in any way, though I’m a fan of their work and Olly’s)

  11. I want to add someone on the Baddie list: Annie(Sunset beach) :)) joking.
    I’d try a shooting session on he guy from SAW

  12. It’d be great if when shooting at the Darth Vader target you’d get off one shot then your gun would fly out of your hand and stick to the target

  13. If you are such a bad shot that you require a target to practice hitting something the size of Godzilla, then shouldn’t you be working out at the track? Sprinting skills would seem to be more appropriate at that point.

  14. Awesome, would love one for Team Fortress 2’s Heavy Weapons guy. Or maybe Oddjob, the cheap little bastard was my bane in so many Goldeneye matches that it only seems appropriate.

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