Funniest Condom Ad I've Seen All Year (for Durex, by Superfad)

This is not okay for kids to watch, but it's potentially safe to sneak-watch at work. Durex: Get it On. YouTube, and here it is at the designers' site with hilarious "out-takes." (Via Clayton Cubitt, thanks Susannah Breslin!)


  1. Moderator note: Remove fluids from mouth before viewing. We’re not buying you a new keyboard.

  2. Already killed on YouTube. I wonder if it offended someone.

    Amazing bunch of prudes- they can show Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” but not cartoon images without any visible obscenity. What’s wrong with this country?

  3. I’m glad all of those balloon animals were the same species. Otherwise it would be just wrong.

  4. “But I’m touching his butt!” “He’s touching my butt, you didn’t see that, did you?”

    This principal is a jerkwad, and I love the way they had fun with him.

  5. It’s hard for us mammals to see what all the big deal is in how cephalopods do it, Takuan. Which if I recall involves handing the female a sperm packet for her to make use of later. Not sure I see the romance there.

  6. I went to Superfad’s site and watched their demo reel – insane. They’ve done it all – Honda, PS3, crazy beautiful stuff.
    So, while this is cool for the type of effect it is (er, balloon art?), they also do amazing graphic art/animation.

  7. Nicely done, creative and funny.

    Why wouldnt we want kids to see this though exactly?

    Someones puritan roots are showing … :)

  8. So next time I’d dining with family at some kid-friendly restaurant and one of those annoying guys comes by asking if I want him to make me a balloon animal, I know EXACTLY what i’m going to do.

  9. Thanks for the compliments… its nice to see people liking our work!!

    and thanks for checking out the reel as well…. kinda like stopping by to say hello.. then staying for coffee.


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