HOWTO Remember to refill the diaper bag

Here's a nice parenthack for remembering to re-stock the diaper bag when you get home -- and it'd work for any kind of kit-bag:
So, when you put a extra shirt or pair of pants into the diaper bag for those on-the-go changes, wrap them with a rubber band. First, it keeps your bag neat and it's easier to rummage around in there. Second, when you take the rubber band off to use the garment, put it on your wrist. That way, when you get home, you say to yourself, "what's this rubber band doing on my wrist?" You have a reminder to put new clean clothes into the bag!
How to remember to restock the diaper bag after you get home


  1. I just don’t understand how this is real. I mean, I know that there are things that we all forget through out the day, but a gigantic rubber band? This is either a nightmare… or my grandmothers sweetest dream!

  2. and later on “Hints from Heloise”, we’ll talk about why you shouldn’t slather that diaper bag with peanut butter, lest you end up with a severe allergy…

  3. Presumably this hint isn’t half as important as remembering to EMPTY the diaper bag.

    If you know what I’m saying.

    Although, personally, it would take a serious reason to stop me getting rid of a used nappy exactly as quickly as possible no matter where I was so I don’t think carrying it home in the bag is likely.

  4. At first I thought by “diaper bag” you meant the diaper can where you put used diapers. The only reminder you’d need for that is the massive stank emanating from your little turd.

  5. My mother always seemed to have a rubber band on her wrist. I never knew why, but even as little girl I found it really unattractive. It didn’t belong there.

    She was an elegant woman wouldn’t have worn a paper clip in her hair, or a clothespin anywhere. I never understood why she thought “elastics” looked okay.

  6. This is really more a hack about remembering to put clean clothes in the diaper bag than diapers. Granted, this is more likely what we forget to do before going out than putting in more diapers.

    Now, if only they had a way to help us remember to change the clothes with each season.. don’t know how many times my kids had to wear shorts in the winter…

  7. Rubber bands are also great when packing your own suitcase. For casual travel, I roll each day’s underwear tightly into that day’s (folded) shirt and band ’em together. They pack small, I only have to grab one thing in the morning to have a complete set (well, yeah, the pants too; those I still pack flat), and it’s immediately obvious how many days I can go before needing to find a laundromat.

  8. I would have thought the dirty clothes would have been the tip-off to re-stock the bag…

    As Takuan said, once you forget diapers/clothes, you never forget again – my wife and I took our small son on an off-road drive sponsored by our local Land Rover dealer when our son was just over a year old, and we forgot diapers (we had everything but). We had to leave the event, drive into town and buy a bag of diapers.

    We never forgot diapers again!

  9. A spare changing mat, the kind with pockets, in the trunk of the car comes in handy too. The velcro strap on it makes it easy to hang it up so it doesn’t get lost amidst the rest of the stuff. That and a ziploc bag with a change of clothes. The trick being to remember to swap out that set when the season changes, or they’re outgrown.

  10. I love little life hacks like this. Thanks!

    I imagine once you realized you had an elastic band on your wrist you’d check on all the supplies in the bag. Or else suffer the same fate as I did once: horribly messy baby, lots of diapers, clothes, snacks, and toys… one baby wipe.


    yes, very “hints from Heloise” but I like it. A Lot. Keep it up Cory

    And Takuan, sorry, no. I forget stuff over and over. Having a kid around turns dad into a pack mule who is constantly rushed, tired, and forgetting this and that.

    last airline trip with 21lb child and ~ 120lbs gear, I forgot MY toothbrush.

    Fatherhood leads to baldness, flabbiness, forgetfulness, and a general sense of dread, but the moments when they smile make it all seem okay.

  12. we put a complete set of clothes – pants, shirt, new pullup and/or underpants (he’s training) – inside a ziplock bag, then in the bag for our toddler.

    after a mishap, there’s a place to put the soiled garments before you get home.

  13. I never have to remember to fill my diaper– it just seems to fill itself a few times a day. . . oh wait. . . diaper BAG. . . nevermind.

  14. You didn’t comment on what to do when the older sibling throws a tantrum because she can’t play with the rubber band around your wrist.

    I just keep a couple diapers in the glove compartment, and a spare set of clothes for each kid in the back of the car. Do you really think that with two kids under 5 I’m going to remember diapers? I forgot to put on deodorant three times last week. Diapers are the least of my worries. :)

  15. Brilliant! I have 3 under 3 and am a single patent. My daily life is a series o f a kajillion tiny repetitive tasks. The more reminders i have, the better a datty Iyam. Oh crap, gotta go!

  16. #13: Otherwise I’d agree with you wholeheartedly, except for the flabbines bit: An hour of airplane play (the VTOL kind) with a 20lbs baby boy each day fills all your upper body exercise needs.

  17. @Takuan – yeah, forgetting to take the nasty diaper/clothes out of the bag is a VERY good reminder to put fresh stuff in! (learned that one the hard way)

    The rubber band in my diaper bag kept the handful of ziploc bags under control…they should make diaper bags with ziploc bag DISPENSERS…ziplocs are for holding cheerios…goldfish…the diaper wipes after that stupid fucking adhesive closure lost all its sticky even though you just bought that package and you don’t want them to dry out…a couple of clean diapers to stick in the picnic basket just in case (even though you just changed them before you headed to the picnic table in that park)…thirty-seven rocks that we have to take home lest the earth stop rotating…that bug that’s looking for its mom…four red leaves and a wine cork…party-size little tubs of Play-Doh…crayons…etc., etc., etc.

  18. I always thinking of having three or four rubber bands around your wrist as a sign that you’ve been reading slush.

  19. what is slush?

    Tak, I won’t make 70 years, pre-kid? motorcycle racer. post kid? I got 30 yrs tops. :)

    but I am cheerful! he makes me laugh all the time. tonight our waitress asked him “what do you have” she meant the spoon in his hand, he told her “I have a big pee pee, … the ladies LIKE it!”

    all dad’s hooligan friends are teaching him tons of fun stuff! :)

  20. heh heh! ah yasss, Child Protective Services will arrive momentarily… “slush” is the mountain of shit that editors HAVE to read to find the pearls that make your life good. Pity the editors, they are soulless monsters that first rape and then consume the progeny of your finest moments while all the while laughing as they drip molten brimstone in your pinned-open eye-sockets… but they have to READ ALL THAT SHIT.

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