Star Wars retold by someone who hasn't seen it

Bonnie sez, "Everyone has at least one friend who has seen parts of the Star Wars original trilogy but can’t quite tell you every plot point in order. Joe Nicolosi recorded his friend Amanda as she retells the story from the tiny amount she’s seen with hilarious results."

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) (Thanks, Bonnie!)


  1. This is absolutely incredible. This certainly beats the “remastered” version. Extra points for liberal use of the Wilhelm Scream.

  2. Awesome. The banter alone is cute, but with the animation: pure gold!

    I’m impressed with just how many details she’d managed to absorb (and remember!) while still not catching enough of the films to get the underlying chronology.

    “Olo. Hans Olo.”

  3. I can relate with her. For one of the performances my improv group did in high school, we had to perform the entire Star Wars series in 90 seconds or less, as requested by an audience member. I had never seen anything more than snippets of a Star Wars movie. Worse yet, neither had a few of my partners onstage. Most – no, all – of the laughter came at our expense.

  4. Hasn’t seen it? She described it pretty well. Probably as well as I would, and I’ve “seen” it.

    If she hadn’t seen any of it then she wouldn’t been able to give ANY rundown of it, especially not 2+ minutes…

    For example, I could not tell you a THING about “Lord of the Rings” except Elijah Wood and the guy from LOST are in it.

    There’s your retelling.

  5. :)

    I like these kinds of ‘re-tellings’. Best I ever heard was a dutch comic, Hans Teeuwen, playing a sweetly dumb character retelling the whole bible in a couple of minutes. The part where “[…and then] they nailed this guy jesus’ hands to his crotch* because he gave everyone a loaf of fish” had me gasping for breath, especially after the great lead up.

    *(cross being ‘kruis’ in dutch, a synonym for groin).

    /checks out the drunk history vids

  6. not so long ago, perhaps even today, you could go to a remote Greek village and find someone able to recite the entire Iliad and Odyssey. In the original.

  7. I was crying I was laughing so hard. I have to share this with all my friends who treat Star Wars as religion. She’s apparently been very exposed to the story. I’m so glad that they animated that and posted it for everyone to see!

  8. Absolutely brilliant. I doubt I could have done it better, and I’ve seen them all more times than Hans has had hot Twi’leks.

  9. I wasn’t expecting that to be as funny as it was, great job. And props for using the movie poster for The Stuff, am I the only one in the world who has seen that movie?

    HERE is my pick for my favourite Star Wars humour, NSFW because of language.

  10. The animations for this retelling killed me. Nice work that was.

    Hey guys, thanks for all the additional Star Wars related videos. They kept me up later than I wanted but also kept me laughing :)

  11. Sorry, but this isn’t funny at all. I find the idea that Chewie is a “deformed Ewok” deeply offensive to both Ewok and Wookie-kind alike.

  12. This video seriously needs to be accompanied by a warning about HOW hilarious it is. I made the mistake of thinking I could discreetly watch it at work. Do you have any idea how hard it is to laugh one’s ass off silently?

  13. Note to George Lucas: Hire this woman so as to improve the quality of writing on your next project. Very nice work.

  14. George Lucas could hire my cat and it would improve the quality of writing on his next project. Nothing he does will ever be as good as this. I might pay for a transcript.

  15. “crusty old white guy”… the reveal made me choke on my morning coffee. awesome. speaking as a first-gen, to-this-day star wars fan, this is pure GOLD.

  16. I love this. I only watched the Star Wars films (except for ep. III) last year. Amanda is very cute. And she knows some peculiar details, like Lando’s full name!

  17. That was great… amazing how much people manage to pick up from pop culture even if they haven’t experienced it themselves.
    Also, Amanda is damn cute… Can I get her number?

  18. I loved the fact that she dwelled on the wookie/ewok connection for so long, especially since a concious decision was made to populate Endor with half wookies, if you will.
    Half of Wookie = Ewok

    She picked up on the not so subtle nature of this substitution, even without the linguistic clue. that’s hilarious.

  19. @19 – thanks for that, Izzard is brilliant

    Amanda has it nailed and is very cute, She should do a segment retelling great movies. it would be superb.

  20. My friend hasn’t seen Star Wars AT ALL – and she informed me she “knew what happened” anyway from playing the old SNES video games, so I drew a comic about the results-
    not a SW spoiler

  21. It reminds me of those videos of a drunk guy telling stories about Benjamin Franklin’s life. And they got Jack Black to act out the story and edited it in.

    (can’t link to it, at work)

  22. So…like, the Greeks are all camped out at Illium because, I think, Menelaus was mad at Paris for stealing his girlfriend, but then Achilles was mad at Menelaus because he was already dating this other girl, who was like the daughter of some priest or something. So Menelaus says to Achilles, you know, “what’s your problem, you don’t even like women,” and Achilles gets even madder and says “well, if that’s the way you’re going to be, I’m going to go home.”

    So Achilles takes off, but then he gets lost on the way and meets Odysseus, and they both go to this island where, I think, they meet Merlin, who turns them into sheep or something…

  23. I’m betting that this woman “claims to have never seen” these films because she actually did watch them with a boyfriend but wasn’t really paying attention, just a little.

  24. I have a friend who at this point WILL NOT go see any of the Star Wars films because he has remained “pure” for so long and wants to stay that way as some kind of weird badge of honor.

    “The grave’s a fine and private place. . . but none I think do there use the Force.”

  25. Just about the funniest thing I’ve seen on the intardnet for a very long time. This made my day.
    “A planet populated with…Brown muppets.”

  26. The “crusty old white guy” bit makes me think that Hooper’s rant in Chasing Amy is a major source of her information.

    What’s a Nubian?

  27. The simple “carbon-copy” – generic plot we see every damn movie out these days. Movies are now all about the sexiest stars (cast) and the best special effects.. and sometimes the music sound track.. They are all “video” DJ remixes of the old.

  28. That’s pretty funny. Fans of this really ought to check out “Stacy” as “Pink Five”:

    Also, I remember about 5-7 years ago, crying from laughter over a commentary parody in the style of MST3k called “A New Fangled Hope” but now I can’t find it anywhere. Help?

  29. She did pretty well for what she got out of all that. And she looks and sound so damm cute. I’d date a girl like that. Any girl who can have fun like that is a keeper.

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