Wristwatch with built in cigarette lighter

If you feel as though you must bring a cigarette lighter on a plane, look around for one of these 80s-vintage wristwatch lighters. If a TSA agent stops you at security, tell him/her the flame is to let you see the display in the dark.
200901141318"I picked up this unique watch/lighter at a garage sale as a teen in the late 80s for $2 (price tag remains on box). I've never seen another one like it. Always thought it was an interesting combination. I have a small collection of vintage novelty watches, and this is my favorite."


  1. Did they put lighters on the no-fly list again? They were allowed in December. Butane torches weren’t, but the ol’ zippo or disposable models were.

  2. If you can’t get your hands on one of these, just stick a lighter in your pants pocket and make sure you don’t set off the metal detector. Regardless of whether or not lighters’re on the no-fly list, TSA never takes them unless you voluntarily declare them, e.g. by putting them in the X-ray machine.

    In fact, if I did manage to get one of these, I would never EVAR wear it through security. So cool a thing would be confiscated immediately upon detection. No objections, however valid, would stop the theft-in-the-public-interest.

  3. I’ve been taking a lighter on the plane for some time and it’s gone thru the xray. I’m told they are allowed again, but who knows. I can’t keep up anymore.

  4. A great many posts on BB and my personal experiences seem to make the case that what is allowed on a plane is solely determined by the whim of the screener(s) at the moment despite any allegdly official policy – and I mean alleged in the sense that they claim there is one. I find it best to simply to not let the screener know because anything they are unaware of instantly becomes ok to bring on the plane.

    I won’t wear a watch but if I would, it would have a lighter.

  5. I would think that long sleeved polyester shirts would be contraindicated, as would excessively hairy arms.

  6. What a blast from the past. I had one of these watches when I was in middle school. Seeing this picture reminded me of the time when I adjusted the flame to shoot out 4″ high. A bunch of kids were standing in a circle looking at my watch when I let the flame loose.

    I also remember it leaking butane on my wrist. Overall not the safest thing to have strapped onto such a delicate part of your body, but fun nonetheless.

  7. “I saw this in a 70/80’s action/thriller movie recently”

    I recall it being in Polanski’s Frantic. At the time (1988) I was desperate to have one, being a smoker at the time, now not so much.

  8. I got one of these for Christmas two years ago. The packaging said nothing about it being a lighter. I was so shocked when I pressed a button and a flame shot out, that I threw the damned thing across the room, breaking the watch. The lighter still works, though.

  9. According to our friends at the TSA, you can bring on-board a “common lighter” (Zippo/Bic) and/or a book of safety matches in your carry-on luggage (but not, apparently, in your checked luggage). Torch and butane lighters are not allowed, nor are “strike-anywhere” matches.


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