How to get rid of Vimax ads

Neil Chase at our advertising partner company, Federated Media says:
Several authors have recently found every ad zone on their pages filled with ads for Vimax, which is supposed to enlarge a certain body part. We don't run ads for stuff like that, and of course no FM author or staffer could possibly need it anyway.

But there's malware floating around out there that hijacks your computer's DNS settings and puts its own ads into your zones. Unlike regular viruses, it can attack both PCs and Macs. It seems to often come with free video-processing software.

If it happens to you, rest assured that it's happening only in your Web browser and not to your readers. Here's what to do:

* For Mac users: Apple's forums have info about a couple fixes in this thread

* For PC users, several people suggest Trend Micro's free HijackThis tool.