Science fiction writer in residence gig open at Toronto's wonderful Merril Collection


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  1. KidDork says:

    I remember Merrill’s intros to Doctor Who on TVO. As a child, I always thought she hated the show, since she went to such great lengths to tell us just how stupid the science in it was.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am definitely not taking the job but I do want to take advantage of whoever takes this position…heh.

    Seriously, the library is probaly one of the few reasons why I hesitate moving to another town.

  3. KidDork says:

    I’d forgotten it used to be called ‘The Spaced Out Library’. Awesome.

    And this should be a lock for Robert J. Sawyer. The rest of us are too busy setting fire to our manuscripts to keep warm.

  4. Glenn Hauman says:

    Wonder if they count comics SF writers… I could think of a few who would qualify.

  5. Anonymous says:

    In my last year of high school, I chanced on a collection of hers, and loved (almost) all of it! Then I found out she was nearby (I’m in Hamilton) and dreamed of the “Best Book Report Evar!” — an interview with a living author!

    She was a little suspicious at first, I found out why during the interview: a few years previous she had done little intros on episodes of Doctor Who for TVO (it had allowed them to claim “educational content” as was their mandate for the time slot) and had lost patience in dealing with people who only wanted to talk about that.

    She was gruff but sweet, and I would kill Cory to have switched places with him! ;) After all, he is living the life I always wanted.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dammit, one has to be Canadian (or perm. res.) to apply. What fun this might have been . . .

  7. Anonymous says:

    Robert Sawyer was already writer in residence at the Merrill collection. I had the very good experience of having my sample of writing critiqued by him. It was fantastic. I recall him as very enthusiastic and articulate.

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