Teddy coat, belt of belts, jean-sneakers -- the designs of Sebastian Errazuriz

Designer Sebastian Errazuriz has a real knack for whimsical and clever designs that make you giggle and covet at the same moment. Alas, his site is an un-linkable horror of Flash, so I've reproduced some of my favorites here.

Sebastian Errazuriz (via OhGizmo)


  1. I’m glad to see a coat that focuses attention on the horrors of the fake fur trade.

    Too many teddies have died for our pleasure.

  2. That jean-shoe thingy is hideous.
    What’s the limit for number of teddies allowed to be harmed in the making of that jacket? ;)

  3. I made this half-jacket half-teddy monster to please you
    But I get the feeling that you don’t like it
    What’s with all the screaming?
    You like teddies, you like jackets
    Maybe you don’t like monsters so much
    Maybe I used too many teddies
    Isn’t it enough to know that I ruined a jacket making a gift for you?

    (With apologies to Jonathan Coulton…)

  4. fie on thy editorial flash-hating, good sir.
    the site, while not flawless, is fine and navigable. good stuff.

  5. It’s not linkable. It’s not indexed by google. It can’t be searched. That’s not “navigable.” If sites can’t be linked to except via their front doors, they’re broken.

  6. Forget the teddy-bear coat–get that model some cheeseburgers! Look at those hips. Her jeans are falling off–are those veins? Ick.

  7. um…. i dunno, i went to the site and could barely click on the links. i’m writing this so that the person who owns the site bight see it… i dunno, firefox on a macbook and the links – the thumbnails, etc, just. won’t. click. WEIRD!

    TOo bad cause i liked that cow on the roof thing…

  8. It’s not linkable. It’s not indexed by google. It can’t be searched.

    Which presumably is a conscious choice by the owner of the site. Why not respect that wish? Not everything has to be made for our convenience. Some places take a little effort to reach.

  9. tikal2k-that is what I thought of first too, Flea’s custom stuffed animal pants. He told me that they were stolen out of the trunk of his car many years ago, along with his golf clubs (and he was sadder about the golf clubs than the pants).

  10. better with live puppies.

    The belt is problematic, I could see some frustrated individual vainly turning it through the loops looking for the beginning, the moment rapidly fading while she reclines on the bed.

  11. @#12 cory: but none of those problems are due to flash, are they ? methinks they need to plant some meta-tags. i just know too many flash haters, is all. it’s truly been a “wonderful thing” in my life.

    and you totally rock, btw. (!)

  12. if the belt has been made properly, then it should be undoable at any buckle…

    I like the idea, but would suffer horrendous buckle rash on my guitars…

    Unfortunately, my daughter saw the coat of teddies and wants one…

  13. The belt is cool ‘n’ all, but unless it’s made out of some surprisingly thin leather, it’ll never fit through the average Joe’s belt loops.

  14. @24 zz: s y’r fndmntlst nw ? tlllng s ll wht w shld hv nd d nd lk nd bld ?

    mk tl tht ds wht flsh ds ND slvs yr ‘fnl sltn’ fr th wb nd thn myb.

  15. Make those shoe/jeans skinny and you have Homestar’s legs!

    Strong Bad: …from what I can tell, you wear no pants and have blue soles glued to the bottoms of your feet.
    Homestar Runner: W- Well, that’s simply not true. I have long pants, I wear long pants. I’m a long pants man, long pants, long pants! (from SBmail “long pants”)

  16. Nobody mentioned that the site re-sizes the browser window to full screen just to display a 1024×510 flash window. That’s just rude.

  17. Instead of foot odor silently seeping out of the top of my trainers at ground level, am I to assume that it’s going to have to make it’s way north and escape via the top of my trousers? Not if I had my belt of belts tightened it wouldn’t!

  18. Cherry Shiva @25, calling Zuzu a “fundamentalist” for answering Pantograph’s question in a reasonable and accurate way was bad enough. The “final solution” crack was beyond the pale.

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