List of story items to cover this year


Widely regarded as the best U.S. mutant animal film of 1954, Them! features this billboard, which I am using as my guide for things to cover on Boing Boing this year. (The list is in reverse order of interest.)


1) kidnapping/missing persons

2) unsolved mysteries

3) alleged suicides

4) migrations of wild life

5) thefts of sugar, syrups, sweets

6) strange phenomena as:
Flying saucers
Strange odors
High pitched sounds
Unnatural things alive or dead

UPDATE: Jim H fixed the sign! More fixes are welcome!



  1. Some of the BBG editors cover 3/4 of the items under #6. Be sure to keep a close watch on them, especially that Brownlee character…

  2. “Be sure to keep a close watch on them, especially that Brownlee character…”

    Which part of item six applies here?

  3. 1) kidnapping/missing persons, pretty blond white girls preferred.

    Fixed it fer ya. I watched it a few months ago and don’t remember seeing this. I may have to watch it again. Good fight scene. They should maybe do a remake but after the hatchet job they did to “The Day the Earth Stood Still” I think I’d rather they didn’t. Someone needs to pay for that travesty.

  4. @NANUQ:

    High pitched sounds, and Unnatural things alive or dead. Possibly the smells as well, but it’s hard to tell over the internet.

    Or at least that’s what the dangerous combination of caffiene and boredom I have going right now have lead me to believe. 2 more hours at work…

  5. Them! is a great film. The opening scene with the catatonic girl marching through the desert is a masterpiece of creepy.

  6. Hunh. I’d be on the Red Phone all day if I paid attention to this list – ‘specially the last line. Besides, Whitmore is dead, so who would save my ass anyway?

  7. Oh, I thought steampunk was so 1990, and cyberpunk was so 1984! But you know, the 80’s are back. So, I like, totally believe you.

  8. I think if I was in the world of THEM!, I might have made the #1 thing to monitor the news for, “giant ants”, but that’s just me.

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