Still More Obamaphemera: OK, fine, he's Jesus already.


Boing Boing reader Jesse Hattabaugh spotted this scene over the pre-inauguration weekend, in San Francisco's Mission district. View larger. Previous Obamaphemera observations on BB this week: Run*DC, Obamarley, Yes we (Can).

Update: BB commenter signalnine says,
Obama's not standing in for Jesus on that candle, he's standing in for St. Martin de Porres, a 17th century mulatto Dominican brother noted for his devotion to the poor in Peru. In fact, he's the patron saint of the poor.


  1. Obama’s not standing in for Jesus on that candle, he’s standing in for St. Martin de Porres, a 17th century mulatto Dominican brother noted for his devotion to the poor in Peru. In fact, he’s the patron saint of the poor.

  2. I just hope the capitol is ready for what’s sure to be the largest mass simultaneous orgasm ever recorded.

  3. Ha! Call me when he’s the FSM and I’ll be impressed. I want to be as happy and excited as everyone else, but being gay is making that tough. Oh, the irony!

  4. I agree with whoever said, “We know he can walk on water, now let’s see how many people he can feed with some fish and a two loaves of bread…”

  5. The other major problem with the Obama/Jesus analogy is that Jesus was tortured mercilessly before being crucified at an age barely older than BOb. I don’t know why so many Obama supporters want him tortured to death… seems rather unpleasant.

  6. With 500+ campaign promises, I am sure walking on water and raising the dead were in there somewhere.

  7. So someone thinks Obama is a Saint? Wouldn’t it be really cruel, after about 3 years, he’s exposed for being insanely corrupt? I mean, if you’re going to give a guy Sainthood… That’s really hard to live up to… makes me wonder what all Obama could do, right in people’s faces, and them claim that it was right… even though, it was bat shit crazy like Rev. Wright. This is going to be an interesting four years. I think everyone is really building themselves up for a let down… and oh what a let down it will be. Because after tomorrow, it’s going to be no race card playing. You’ll have to really know how to do a job to get one… Let’s see how Saintly that is?

  8. To you folks who are so ready to see him fall: By normal lights, he just looks like he’ll be a decent president. He’s already stumbled in a number of places. We’re hoping he can manage some heroic things. The mess the country and the world is in right now is so bad that we could use some miracles, a lot of miracles.

    But miracles or no, in comparison to the villainous cretins and thugs who were in the Oval Office these last eight years, Obama might as well be a saint.

  9. heh! no law against a sitting prezzy converting to whatever religion he likes , right? If I was Obama I’d have me some fun with that. Hebbo!

  10. come to think of it, there SHOULD be a movement to bring Obama to the Tarvuist fold. Or the Pastafarians.

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