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9 Responses to “BB Video: Sean Bonner reports from Obama Inauguration in DC”

  1. Anonymous says:

    As a Fallout 3 player, its nice to see pictures of Washington before it got ruined…

  2. zuzu says:

    “The Hopeful Hearts Club,” a Sergeant Peppers/Beatles inspired piece by Michael Cuffe.

    Wasn’t the Baby-Boomer Generation finally getting the boot out the door with the incoming of the Obama administration?

  3. Anonymous says:

    They missed Vonnegut in the “Who’s Who”… and HST and that other dude are switched. Pflugerville Steve.

  4. Tom Hale says:

    We watched the inauguration at work yesterday and enjoyed most of it. 9/10 of us are conservative and all of us except for one who’s really, really religious are hopeful and have a positive outlook on Mr. Obama’s presidency. Even though only one of us voted for Mr. Obama, none of us thought McCain/Palin was a good choice. We’re all looking forward to the next 4 years (you Have to be positive), but the really, really religious guy thinks the end of the world is just around the corner – poor guy.

  5. RationalPragmatist says:

    @Tom Hale:

    You watched the inauguration yesterday (ie, Jan 19th)? Neat trick.

    Can you please pass along the secret of time travel?

    The rest of us, stuck living with the linear progression of time, had to wait until today, January 20th, to catch President Obama’s inauguration.

  6. Tom Hale says:

    RationalPragmatist, Cool huh? I figured out the time travel thing years ago. What I did was make a note to my future descendants telling them that when time machines are invented, to come back in time and let me use the machine on 01/19/2009. I gave the note to my sons and made them promise to pass it on to their kids and for THEM to pass it on to THEIR kids, ad infinitum. Sure enough, right on schedule my great great great great great grandson showed up and let me use the time machine to watch the inauguration a day ahead of time.

    Or I made a mistake in my last post.

  7. Bledsoefilms says:

    @ Tom Hale

    Just chiming in here for a second. Tom, you said that only one of you voted for Obama, yet none of you felt McCain/Palin was a good choice. I’m hoping the means that the remaining 9 of you abstained from voting?

  8. Tom Hale says:

    @ BLEDSOEFILMS, That’s the spirit, keep hoping for the best. That’s what I do.

    OK, – We voted for the only choice we had – two people that claimed to back republican values. At the end, it was a tough loss for all of us, but IMO, it was also a win.

  9. IamInnocent says:

    Tom, the conservative with many layers.
    It takes a bit of everything to make the World.