Barack Obama is a Ninja with a Lightsaber

Japan-based blogger Matt Alt has made an extraordinary discovery about America's new president. Why isn't the MSM covering this? Yet another example of citizen journalists breaking news that cowards like CNN are afraid to report, blogging truth to power. Snip:

This shot of our new Commander in Chief kickin' it under a kotatsu is only matched by the one where he's wielding a pair of gleaming katana blades. Check out the full photo set on the (Japanese language) Gamu Toys site. The doll is a 1/6 scale (roughly 12") figure produced by the Japanese Hong Kong based DID Corporation.
Link to Matt's blog post, and here's the source in Japanese. Really, that photo set is not to be missed.

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  1. Surely it’s not two katana. It’s bound to be a katana and a wakizashi as that would comprise the traditional daishō.

  2. I knew Obama had some difficult issues with his father, but I never realized that it was because Barack Sr. was a Sith Lord.

  3. It’s not that CNN are cowards, they are just clueless. This will show up in some segment in about two weeks or so. I wonder if Obama-san is ronin…

  4. watching live address by Obama to his staff – if he actually keeps/enforces ten percent of this, he is a ninja.

  5. Conveniently for fighting Darth Vader, the Obama figure has pop-off hands.

    The downside to US homes having decent insulation is the lack of Kotatsu over here. Mmmmm, Kotatsu.

  6. WOW! Scrolling down that photo set was ridiculous. The pictures just get exponentially more crazy, the gun was the first bit of weird, but it just keeps getting better the further you scroll…. damn

  7. Yeah! Obama does the Ranka Lee singing pose! (The shot between the lightsabers and the kotatsu). Obama Star!

  8. he needs a better tailor. my president would never be caught in baggy attire like that — he’s MUCH too fly.

    1. my president would never be caught in baggy attire like that

      His inaugural suit was way too big for him. It looked like he borrowed the jacket from Ted Kennedy. Since he’s built like a clothes hanger, he should work it. Hopefully he’ll take his clothing advice from Mrs. O instead of his handlers.

  9. Antinous,
    So you were okay with the green gloves? I’m willing to say she’s just way ahead of the curve and I need to catch up. But the gloves definitely caught me off guard.

    1. She’s the only first lady in living memory who could convincingly play Lieutenant Ripley. She can wear whatever she likes. I just hope that she doesn’t go beige after a few weeks.

  10. Hey Clay, thanks for finding a delicate way to point that out. I almost sprayed my coffee when I saw the topic abreviation in the right column…

  11. yeesh: Hokay, I splain, ya gotta lissen now:
    O-man is kicking back with his legs toasty warm under the kotasu, seasonal happy fruit of mikans before him, video game control beside showing his ability to have normal fun, single other zabuton cushion showing girlfriend interest. Jeez, not obvious?

  12. Oh Gawds! I am So. Damned. Relieved. I won’t see that ignorant, vile, little, smirking chimp ever again!

    We should have a poll: lethal injection, noose, firing squad or beheading? Cheney by acid bath of course.

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