Barista Championships Coming to LA

Super-barista and frequent Boing Boing video personality Kyle Glanville shares news of interest to all java devotees: the first-ever Specialty Coffee Association Barista Competition takes place this weekend in Los Angeles, January 23rd to 25th, in the beautiful Spring Arts Tower Building in Downtown LA. Above, a video about the competition. If you go to this event, here is my advice: do not walk up to these guys and ask them to make you a Venti half-caf goatmilk frappucino with extra foam and sugarfree caramel syrup, because you're likely to get barista-slapped.

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  1. It might be the first ever one in LA, but it’s not the first ever barista championships. They’ve been going on for years. My wife went to the one in Austin last year.

  2. As a former barista competitor, I’m so psyched to see Boingboing giving some attention to the world of specialty coffee. More people drinking coffee that actually tastes good (and complex and balanced and sweet) can only be a good thing.

    As #3 points out, barista comps have been happening in the US for over five years. Most competitors spend months practicing technique and tasting and refining their espresso blend. You can read my coverage of last year’s Canadian Western competition here:

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    Respect people’s trade. These baristas work hard to be the best. That deserves respect.

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