BB Video: Florence and the Machine, interviewed by Russell Porter (music)

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Today's Boing Boing Video installment marks the return of UK-based music journalist Russell Porter to our blog, doing what he does best: exposing us to acts music critics are freaking out over in London, just before they blow up in the states.

I'll be blogging another BB Video with Russell a bit later today, and I'll make a personal confession, too: nearly every report Russell brings us involves an act I haven't heard of, either. But more often than not, a few weeks after we hear about a band from him, I'll start seeing them pop up on American music blogs, or I'll hear DJs on my favorite radio station (KCRW!) hitting their tracks. And within a month or two, they're on SNL or Letterman or whatever, and voilá, history.

So, back to this episode above. Russell introduces us to Florence Welch, the voice behind Florence and the Machine. Their Myspace profile describes their work as " Grindcore / Acousmatic / Tape music / Melodramatic Popular Song," and you can get a taste by listening to tracks here, or watching both of the music videos embedded below (more on their YouTube channel here). I really dig the psychedelic-emo-crazy-art vibe.

The band's Wikipedia page explains that "[their] music has received praise across the British music media, especially from the BBC who have played a large part in Florence And The Machine's rise to prominence by bringing them into the spotlight as part of BBC introducing." They've been playing high on the headline list at some of the more prominent music festivals in the UK, and that's where our Russell caught up with them for today's conversation. We also get an impromptu, back-of-the-trailer performance from Florence in this episode, between sets at Standon Calling.

Florence says she's a big fan of The White Stripes, The Cockettes and Kate Bush, and it shows.

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  1. “Grindcore / Acousmatic / Tape music / Melodramatic Popular Song”

    i’ve evidently misunderstood the meaning of these first three genres all these years…

  2. “A kiss with the fist is better than none.” She sounds like a party. I enjoyed both videos. The dark days are over. I retroactively hear it played over Bush’s helicopter levitation yesterday.

  3. “He Hit Me (and it felt like a Kiss)” contained social commentary. “A kiss with the fist is better than none” is upsetting. I like the beat, but I also like the beat of “Rehab”. Yikers.

  4. Thanks for bringing attention to Florence and the Machine and their amazing music. And I love Russell Porter and his interviews so much. But it was kinda painful to watch Florence being rather bitchy to him. Sheesh.

    No one puts our Russell in a corner!

  5. Perfect example of the failure of commercial radio, which I understand you Americans have to suffer with very few alternatives to hand.

    This song was a hit last year on indie radio in Australia, where you hear a host of new pop delights.

    It’s like Gresham’s Law, bad corporate-controlled acts have driven out good up-and-coming talent.

    Have a listen to Sydney station FBI

  6. She’s shit in an interview, but that is some great music.

    I’ve been liking “kiss with a fist” since it first fucked me in the earhole. I was hoping for a darker video, more like the second one, but I’ll take as much Florence as I can get.

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