12 Responses to “BB Video: Florence and the Machine, interviewed by Russell Porter (music)”

  1. pinkpicnic says:

    “He Hit Me (and it felt like a Kiss)” contained social commentary. “A kiss with the fist is better than none” is upsetting. I like the beat, but I also like the beat of “Rehab”. Yikers.

  2. jshave says:

    wait, is that the preview for the next christopher guest mockumentary?

  3. Matt Katz says:

    She’s shit in an interview, but that is some great music.

    I’ve been liking “kiss with a fist” since it first fucked me in the earhole. I was hoping for a darker video, more like the second one, but I’ll take as much Florence as I can get.

  4. guvnor says:

    Hmmm… They were okay, but nowhere near as talented or quirky as Agent Ribbons, one of the best Art-Core Baroque Pop bands ever to fly under the radar.

  5. thequickbrownfox says:

    Perfect example of the failure of commercial radio, which I understand you Americans have to suffer with very few alternatives to hand.

    This song was a hit last year on indie radio in Australia, where you hear a host of new pop delights.

    It’s like Gresham’s Law, bad corporate-controlled acts have driven out good up-and-coming talent.

    Have a listen to Sydney station FBI


  6. miranda2 says:

    sure she likes the White Stripes. Kiss with a fist is just a riff on ‘We’re going to be friends’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZGHTkmhxgQ

  7. Halfadrop says:


  8. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for bringing attention to Florence and the Machine and their amazing music. And I love Russell Porter and his interviews so much. But it was kinda painful to watch Florence being rather bitchy to him. Sheesh.

    No one puts our Russell in a corner!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sadomasochism has never been so danceable.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love the alternate version of her Rabbit Heart video


  11. avraamov says:

    “Grindcore / Acousmatic / Tape music / Melodramatic Popular Song”

    i’ve evidently misunderstood the meaning of these first three genres all these years…

  12. GammaBlog says:

    “A kiss with the fist is better than none.” She sounds like a party. I enjoyed both videos. The dark days are over. I retroactively hear it played over Bush’s helicopter levitation yesterday.

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