Obama Inauguration Newspaper Headlines

Link. (Thanks, Geoff Menegay!) Previously: Newspaper headlines of Obama election win, Nov. 5 2008


  1. Yeah, Obama just made a history for being the first African-American USA president besides his promise of “change” that every citizen of USA needs. How cool is that? thinking that it wouldn’t be possible back in the past. No wonder it becomes headlines all over the world.

    Obama rocks!


  2. The linked to page has some kind of DRM intended to prevent users from saving images, which makes the whole thing unusable. It is trivial to bypass, but I’d rather not give that sort of thing attention in the first place.

  3. In keeping with the Canadian front pages theme, I think (again) the hamilton spectator did a great job with theirs. One criticism of Obama’s address was that it didn’t have a knockout punch, a phrase that would be on everyone’s lips the following day, but I think the spec was able to sell “The Promise” (America as a friend of “those who seek a future of prosperity and dignity”) as the most noteworthy part of the speech. (This headline works better than “The Time Has Come” in my humble opinion.) The visuals are pretty good too.


  4. It seems vaguely hilarious that the inauguration is the front-page story of every paper except the English-language Iran Daily– where it’s on the tenth page of a twelve page paper!

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