A very small record player


It probably didn't work worth a damn. (Via How to Disappear Completely)


  1. Why not? You could get a few seconds of sound out of it. I doubt the quality would be great but good enough for voice. We have high expectations today.

  2. they work great… but it’s like one of those singing birth day cards… it works but it does not hold much in such a small space…

  3. I wonder if this is the medium for the 14 rpm records that no one seemed to have, yet all of the turntables had the setting…

  4. I can almost imagine a Jobs precursor unveiling the latest Gramophone Nano, now in available in six new shades of gray.

  5. #1 dan

    I think she looks like she’s lightly and elegantly spritzing herself with the latest dance band hit.

  6. Who cares what it sounded like, now all you need is a new born tea-cup chihuahua! Instant Mini Victor.

  7. #5, that’s 16 2/3 RPM, which was usually just marked “16” (the speed marked “33” was actually supposed to be 33 1/3 RPM). My sight-impared neighbor had a phonograph with this speed. He used it for his “talking book” records. He must have been hard of hearing, too, because I could hear them clearly across his back yard on summer days when the windows were open (this was the 1960s, and few had air-con in our middle-class neighborhood).

    There may have been other types of record that required this speed, but I’ve never seen any.

  8. Tiny, miniature, small, midget, diminutive — this author was the proud owner of a thesaurus I see.

  9. This reminds me of an interesting miniature Bandai turntable that I saw in Tokyo back in 2004. I’ve always regretted not picking it up. It played analogue 8 cm records, and they actually sounded good! I can’t find much about it save this article, which has a decent picture, but nothing to really get a sense of scale. Maybe eBay?


  10. OK, #20 MarkM wins hands down, but I wanted to add that this probably sounds only slightly better than the tiny records inside talking dolls.

  11. i’m holding out for the mini-disc player to come down in price so i can finally play the 1993 compliation mini-disc that rolling stone magazine sent me. it’s only a little bigger than a nano and it holds 27 songs.

  12. “Tiny, miniature, small, midget, diminutive — this author was the proud owner of a thesaurus I see.”

    right, because those words are so obscure.

  13. I see two ways this to work:
    1. The plate turns very slow, making possible a longer reproduction.
    2. A Buddha box where a drone is endlessly reproduced.

  14. One can see on her face the total sum of excitement a young woman of that era was authorized to express at once.

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