Rick Lieder's fantastic backyard bird photos -- new book

Rick Lieder, the talented sf/f artist whose backyard nature photographs have stunned me for years, has released a new book of photos of small birds on the wing, shot in his own backyard in south Michigan. Rick doesn't use fancy fast film or other high-tech treats -- instead, he just uses patience and care to capture these remarkable images. I just got a copy from Rick (I'm at a science fiction convention outside of Detroit) and discovered a lovely bonus: a short introduction by Kathe Koja, the fantastic writer, who is married to Rick.

Aerial acrobats


  1. Great stuff, thanks!

    Bird photos are generally of the colorful tropical sort, or charismatic hunting birds. Ricks pix are of scruffy neighborhood birds doing their generally-unnoticed thing.

  2. Beautiful and engaging shots. It’s also nice to see a celebration of the more common birds (or as snooty bird-watchers dismiss them as ‘junk birds’).

    Watching sparrows often contains more comedy than most half hour sitcoms.

  3. I’ve always found photographing small birds mid-flight is almost impossible. A remarkable achievement, and beautiful to boot.

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