Gareth in no-man's land

[Photo: Scott Beale/Laughing Squid] Ed Note: Boingboing's current guest blogger Gareth Branwyn writes on technology, pop and fringe culture. He is currently a Contributing Editor at Maker Media. Recent projects have included co-creating The Maker's Notebook and editing The Best of MAKE and The Best of Instructables collections. Hello Wonderful World o' Boing Boing! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have this opportunity. I was at a party this weekend and told someone I was about to start blogging here. “You'll have the eyes of the world on you!,” he blurted. Gulp. I'll try to only use my powers for good (and not think about how high and centrally located this soapbox might actually be). I'm especially excited to have the opportunity to blog about anything other than technology and science. I've been hand-to-hand in the personal and DIY technology trenches for a long time now and I'm looking forward to scrabbling over the top for a few weeks to fight the good fight on some other fronts. Which ones? I'm going to be making a lot of it up as I go along (the kicks are more exciting that way), but there are personal themes I'll likely fall back on. I've been slowly, but surely, writing a novel over the last two years (my first). It uses occult themes as the carrier waves on which travels the real story (about love, open source gnosis, and DNA-rearranging sex). So, I'm going to use this time as an excuse to openly research material for my book (and share interesting things I've already uncovered). I'm also a music fanatic and I miss my Mondo 2000 and bOING bOING days when I got to indulge that passion in public. So I'll likely be raving about what's on heavy rotation in my digital library. Back in my zine days, I also did a lot of coverage of, and participated in, mail art. I just recently started poking around the Web to see what sorts of mail art is happening these ays. So, I'll be sharing some of that, too. I also have ideas for some collaborative projects I might try and cajole you all into undertaking with me. We'll see. Again, a million thanks to Mark, David, Cory, Xeni, et al, for this opportunity. So, let the sex, drugs, rock n' roll, black magick, and collaborative mail art begin!