Tiny statue from the third century CE

This is believed to be a Roman boxer from 1,800 years ago. Well, a teeny marble bust of a boxer anyway. Archaeologists found the statue, just six centimeters tall, in Jerusalem's City of David. From CNN:
 Cnn 2009 Tech Science 01 26 Israel.Ancient.Find Art.Figurine.Iaa The archaeologists (from the Israel Antiquities Authority) believe a merchant family from the eastern part of the Roman Empire most likely passed down the "precious object" through the generations until the fourth or fifth century, when an unfortunate family member had it with him at a public building, perhaps a hostel -- and an earthquake struck...

Two tiny holes in the figurine suggest it was used as a suspended weight together with a balance scale, the archaeologists said.
1,800-year-old marble head unearthed in Israel