Zombie Zombie video with GI Joes

Video by the band Zombie Zombie recreates John Carpenter's The Thing with stop-motion animated GI Joes.


  1. Pretty cool, but now I’m jonesing for a video of Shipwreck’s detached head, upside down and walking around on giant spider legs.

  2. “Pretty cool, but now I’m jonesing for a video of Shipwreck’s detached head, upside down and walking around on giant spider legs.”

    Yes, yes, yes! And the horrified stoner guy saying “Nooo fuckin’ WAY!”

    What a movie.

    Agree with carnytrash that it’s more homage than recreation – Carpenter would appreciate I think the way they simply dropped the dog as spoor carrier in favour of something more easily animated!

  3. The first part with the ice is absolutely spot on (compare with the real stuff), and of course, The Thing being the mythical film down there, the homage is appreciated. Too bad the music is not a bit more inspired.

  4. @ Anse Bundren:

    My thoughts exactly. The funniest scene in The Thing is when Wilford Brimley is trying to save the human race by chopping up all the computers with an ax.

    Come to think of it, Wilford Brimley adds humor to every movie he stars in. Hotel New Hampshire, The Firm, Hard Target. Hell, even his name is funny.

  5. My memory is that GI Joe did include a few dogs, but none of them were articulated – they were just solid plastic. So it’s an understandable choice.

    Great video!

  6. Only a video this awesome could get me to endure six-and-a-half minutes of such uninteresting music.

  7. PaulBowen- actually the line was, as he and the others are watching this severed head trying to sneak out the door on spider legs, deadpan- “You gotta be fucking kidding me.” Then Macready blasts it with the flamethrower.

    Classic scene though. :)

  8. Definitely a tribute, rather than a recreation. Perhaps this is what happened at the Norweigian camp that Carpenter’s boys discovered.

  9. Not only was this fantastic, it made me think fondly of a conversation between my younger brother and my grandmother many moons ago. She (upon seeing my brother’s G.I. Joes lying on the floor covered with kleenices): ‘Oh, isn’t that nice, they’re sleeping.’ He (maybe 10 at the time?): ‘They’re not sleeping, Nanny. They’re in body bags.’ Who knew he had foreseen this?

  10. #20 – I think you’re on the money there – the Norwegian camp had been blown up or burnt down at the start of The Thing.

  11. @19 ANONYMOUS: yes of course, that’s much better!

    Titfer aloft to popmonkey – prequel makes perfect sense.

  12. wow! i’ll just say: The THING. One of my all time favourites (I’ve even seen Hawks produced original!). I’ll never trash carpenter (i’m still waiting for him to find the financing way to REALLY SCARE us (seen that remark in some documentary)…

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