Time-lapse of a 9-month-old at play

All hail Discordia! (Via Forgetomori, and BB Gadgets!)


  1. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS!?!??! Who leaves their kid alone in a room for 4 hours??
    yes, I am being sarcastic.

  2. Can someone give that kid some self-reassembling robots to play with? Now THAT would be a good time-lapse video.

  3. @3,7: They also put in the disclaimer at the beginning that human interactions were edited out.

    I assume this was in the northern hemisphere? I wonder if kids in the southern hemi play in a generally clockwise direction, in a kind of counter kiddie-Coriolis effect…

  4. Beautiful. Interesting that throughout most of the time show the child is hardly ever on the mat that is there for him, preferring anywhere but….

  5. I think at least a passing interest in kids is required for this to do anything for you because I am just thinking I lost a couple minutes of my life watching this.

    @3 OK, you are being sarcastic but didn’t you catch the part in the video where they say they edited out the human interaction(s) – though a glimpse of at least one did slip through.

  6. “Clean up! Clean up! Everybody clean up!”
    //sung in a lilting voice around my house when our son was little..

  7. Just passed this on to some newbie parents I know so they can look into their own future. I’m evil that way.

  8. All they need is to make a onesie that doubles as a swiffer, and this kid will earn his keep cleaning that hardwood floor.

  9. He works very methodically. Didn’t miss a single spot. Impressive.

    Also, his day seems to involve a lot of lying on the floor. Mine, on the other hand, doesn’t involve any lying on the floor.

  10. No wonder babies sleep so much…if an adult had to shadow a baby for even four hours, we’d be exhausted, too.

    Wonderful, wonderful video of a kid just being a kid.

  11. His day looks infinitely more interesting than mine. Kid knows how to work a room that’s for sure.

    Was “dinning room” deliberate, I wonder? Just how noisy was it in there?

  12. Hilarious.
    Other parents: did I really have the option of leaving my kid alone to play for so long by herself? I know parents “looked in”, “check the shadows”, edited out, blah, blah, but that kid is on it own for long periods of time (it seems).

    If I’d have known, I would have hung out in the other room and just checked in every so often. I thought I was supposed to be playing with her.

    As far as the tot replacing your roomba as a human swiffer goes, it’s even better than you think. They come with their own fluid. Saliva, leaky diaper…

  13. Old legend about the great Jim Thorpe. In his prime, he tried to duplicate physically everything a kid around that age did. Lasted about an hour.

  14. I worked for iRobot for a while. You wouldn’t believe how much time is spent doing exactly this process to prove that their Roomba’s random walks have a high statistical probability of hitting all of the floor.

  15. This video + alcohol* = me amused

    Kids are funny. I was just babysitting some kids around this age yesterday (without the alcohol), and I they were just as interested in causing discord as this kid. I didn’t notice any counter-clockwise trends, though.

    *twice-fermented kombucha

  16. There are actually a number of variations on this on youtube, some of which are pretty weird:

    (that one of the baby in the harness badly needs some musical accompaniment).

  17. The music is what makes it. Without it, it would remind me of a scientific study of maggot chewing throught flesh… Not really, very cute.

  18. I love how he doesn’t crawl, he only moves by rolling sideways. That’s an awesome phase. And how he leaves the mat at the very beginning, never to return…

  19. @TRR:

    It’s where nitpickers go to ask questions they already know the answers to! Thankfully everyone there is eager to supply them with the answers anyway, so it’s rather a lively place.

  20. mmm idea: how about putting white plastic/paper all around the room and then piles of messy – but also baby friendly stuff (pudding or dirt or jam – ideas?) and then make a time lapse painting video!

  21. Oh for those in this discussion being “protected” from the truth; you childless ones. Let me break the news. Most of what you saw was real … but nont of it was time lapse. Run. Run fast, run far. I think my 5 year old know’s I’ve been getting up late to get these things off, an I don’t know how much longer I’ll be ab,e to lsad/;lksjf’;jdjjfsjfjsd,.vc

  22. That’s hilarious Patrick. Same exact thing I noticed! It’s funny all the stuff we buy for kids and they’d rather play with the box or some pots and pans.

  23. Delightful!
    #48- Right on robulus. Have you also noticed that adults often talk about babies as as if they aren’t human e.g. “they are cute at that age” instead of “we are cute at that age”?

  24. @Texasroute66

    Yep. Ironic really, they have every human trait you might want to see, in its most raw, pure, undiluted form. They are kind of super-human!

  25. In such a long thread pretty much everything I could say has been said except:

    Go visit Francis Vachon web site the author (and daddy?) who is a very young and very talented photojournalist. Some of the same humor filters through most of his work, although parts of it also address a much heavier subject matter. In any case, even his considerable collection of stock photo is consistently interesting.

  26. Fantastic. Everything above = me too.

    I googled the song/musician listed above (Ensemble/Coeur de Pirate). Everything came back with Google’s warning, “This site may harm your computer”.

    What’s with that? Is this just because Google sees the word “Pirate” in the results?

  27. @Robulous 64–yes, bless their four-chambered hearts. I am a huge fan of pre-adult humans as long as they are not mine. (I have none, by the way, at least to my knowledge. :x ) My perfect outcome is a niece or nephew that I can play with AND GIVE BACK at the end of the day. Babies intermediated by a screen are good too. This one was awful cute. I love the pre-quadruped locomotion.

  28. Small world!

    Marginally less entertaining than uber-cute teeny tots but in a similar vein…

    Moi, 6 chickens, one boss-cock and one kitteh planting some trees.

    I trust fellow boingeboingers will deligt in the feathery and furry assistance provided.

  29. I saw him spend some quality time with the “boinger” on the door (The springy thing that keeps the doorknob from banging into the wall).

    I recall spending many an hour myself doing the same when I was but a wee lad.

  30. @Roast Beef

    Heh heh. Funny, I’m the opposite. I can really take or leave other peoples kids, but my boy is just the centre of the universe, and that’s it. It was the last thing I expected, to be honest.

  31. i was surprised that no one else said that it was just a bit creepy .. at one point i was imagining a little maggot wriggling around : ) sorry, i must just be tired .. aside from that … wow .. the energy of that little guy! thanks for this.

  32. a time lapse video of my kid standing at baby gate for 4 hours screaming for her parants would be much less interesting, which is what I would have ended up producing

  33. Ah ha ha! It got trapped under the chair.

    So *that’s* how one little rug rat can make such a mess.

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