Kid on Drugs

Who among us has not once asked, "Is this real life? Why is this happening to me? Do you have four eyes? Is this going to be forever?" And more importantly -- what kind of parent would film their child in this state, then share it with the world for LOLS? And what kind of sick blogger would post this exploitative material on Boing Boing? David After Dentist (YouTube, thanks John Andrew Walsh)

Update: whoah, now there's an animated version.


  1. I wonder how many of the commenters expressed scathingly righteous indignation because they failed to bother reading the cause of the kid’s condition and jumped right into typing away that frothing hatred.

  2. There’s something really creepy about the cameraguy(couldn’t possibly be his Dad) asking him repeatedly if he feels good.

  3. “This is my 7 year old son who had an extra tooth removed last summer, 2008. I had the camera because he was so nervous before I wanted him to see before and after.

    He was so out of it after, I had to carry him out of the office. The staff was laughing and I had tears it was so funny.

    He is doing fine now and the teeth are great.

    Best of all he is the best kid as his brother William. I couldnt have asked for two better son”

  4. Dude: YOU posted it. What kind of blogger would pick up a piece of exploitive garbage like this and post it AGAIN with a tone of righteous indignation? THINK!

  5. Oh come one. The kid is given a legal dose of drugs, and he acts funny. There’s nothing wrong with the parenting here.

  6. I’m sorry, I don’t see the humor — or the wisdom of the apparent over-anesthesia. My eight year old daughter had a tooth pulled with the aid of nothing more than some bubblegum scented laughing gas. She was relaxed enough to carry out the procedure (and she’s a kid who has a mini panic-attack at a teeth cleaning!) but she was certainly more than able to walk out as straight and coherent as she went in.

    I feel bad for today’s kids whose every embarrassing moment is going to be out there to haunt them (and for school bullies to taunt them with) for the rest of their lives.

    And I too think the “feels good, doesn’t it.” line from “Dad” was unbelievable stupid. The last thing kids need is positive reinforcement that acting stupid and stoned is funny and something to get attention for.

  7. @ TRHUMMER:

    I think Xeni was being sarcastic, mimicking the youtube comments.

    Why is this exploitative? The dad’s not selling t-shirts or anything.

  8. @6 when a clothes flattening device smacks you between the eyes I suppose your first thought is “household appliance”

  9. I have come to expect more from Boing Boing than the excoriation of a dad who videotaped his kid in a post-surgery sedative haze. (Who among us wouldn’t want to document our own rugrats in that state? –not that I have any)

  10. Wonder if the folks who call this “exploitive” would say the same thing if it were a video of a kid puking on Santa Claus or some other standard definition of cute kid stuff. Seems harmless and funny to me. Also, kind of educational. Not sure if I would want my kid all drugged up.

    #4 – I think he was asking him if it felt good to talk him down. The kid was having a bad trip.

  11. @ ELAGIE:

    “I feel bad for today’s kids whose every embarrassing moment is going to be out there to haunt them (and for school bullies to taunt them with) for the rest of their lives.”

    Why is it embarrassing? Surely any child would, in retrospect, find this funny. Maybe we should be teaching them to laugh at themselves, rather than to live in fear and hide anything that might put them at risk of being bullied or teased.

    And I don’t see how the Dad asking “Feels good, doesn’t it?” is encouraging the kid to think being stoned and acting dumb is funny or cool. Being anaesthetised usually DOES feel good. And maybe he’s trying to get his son to enjoy the experience in order that he not freak out.

  12. I had my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago and was put on similar medication. Afterwards I was so high I started walking around the waiting room and talking to people about saturday morning cartoons from the 80s. Then I started crying.

  13. @trhummer: You’re TOTALLY RIGHT! Xeni just doesn’t GET IT. The IRONY of what she posted just went totally OVER HER HEAD. Maybe sometimes she just doesn’t THINK before she POSTS.

    Honestly, I should switch blogs…

  14. the quickest path to garnering a lifetime supply of scorn from indignant strangers is to post some video of your kid doing something “unsafe,” “abnormal,” or “different.” I am so sick of people fetishizing children and childhood, and then using this as some sort of bully pulpit.

    As for the video – I think the guy was just fascinated at how his son was experiencing something new. Nothing wrong with that.

  15. This is funny, and harmless.

    And for any naysayers out there.-We keep culture alive by telling stories about ourselves
    (even the foolish and embarassing ones). If youtube didn’t exist, the father would still tell this story, and his audience would still find it entertaining.

  16. This does remind me of Dylan Moran’s views on children, particularly the part about “midget drunks”.

  17. I immediately knew there would be one or two people saying something about “bad parenting.” It’s funny because yesterday I had a polar opposite experience when hearing about allegations of child abuse in Orthodox Jewish communities.

    In this case, this seems like a normal kid and a normal dad sharing a funny experience. Maybe there is a bit of over-sharing, but I don’t see what the harm is. To me it’s no different than if a kid is walking down the street and you see them do something cute/funny.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you have these deep Orthodox Jewish communities that shield and literally lock up their children from the world. And the end result are twisted kids with deep scars and little to no joy in their lives. And that’s at the best side of dysfunction; when a loved one was hospitalized in a psych ward I got to see who the other patients were. 99% of them were teen and pre-teen Jewish girls basically having nervous breakdowns because they were not able to cope with the level of subservience their future as a married off/baby maker/tender held. Sorry if that sounds blunt, but Orthodox girls are treated horribly.

    So, blah, blah… I’m happy to see stuff like this. If the dad makes t-shirts and sells them, then he’s exploited his child. Otherwise, he’s just a sharing, loving geek.

  18. @20 Chunkymonkeybrain — Of course, if you post video of your child doing something safe, normal,and conformist, you hear from all the _other_ strangers telling you to let the kid live a little :-)

  19. I pretty much hate what has happened here. What the hell do you Americans *give* your children at the dentist?

    A child has a right to privacy. Anyone who thinks this is OK should think about whether they’d like pictures of themselves drunk/stoned/coming round from anaesthetic on youtube.

    I agree with the comments that the dad asking if it feels pretty good to be drugged hasn’t thought about what he is saying. Also it indicates that he isn’t willing for his son to have his own experience of it: some people hate the out-of-control feeling which alcohol and sedation give you.

  20. @#26 POSTED BY FEE:
    Okay, fair enough. Then how do you feel about people posting videos of their kids singing or doing something? Anything?

  21. No one seems concerned about the kid’s point of view. We know that once something goes online and is multiply downloaded, it’s out there forever. When the kid becomes a teenager and his image is still floating around somewhere, showing him nodding out like an idiot, how will he feel about that? Children are people, not cartoon characters.

    1. actually the kid was just on a comedy show on MTV i believe making fun of the video. Show called Tosh.0 or something

  22. I love kids, adore my nieces and nephews and grandkids…and I found this video absolutely hilarious. Dunno if I’d have YouTubed it for mass public consumption, but I most absolutely would have shared it with family and personal friends if the kid was mine. Can’t say I see this as any less acceptable than sharing any other video of your kids acting silly or goofy, running into things, falling, getting knocked down by pets, etc.

  23. Drugs often *do* feel good. I don’t see the problem with acknowledging that. Unless you guys don’t want to see your kids try drugs.

  24. After I had my wisdom teeth out, I felt like my head was floating three feet off my shoulders and my mouth felt incredibly inflated and swollen. I remember stumbling out through the waiting room talking to myself, slurring about “what biiiiiig lips you got” and how hilarious it was.

    Right past a very nice African-American family sitting there.

    Oops. In terms of embarrassment, this kid got off easy.

  25. the only “shame” for the child here is created by those who start talking about “shame”. If the child is innocent – and all children are – how can anything attach to him?

    I invite everyone so inclined to cease projecting what is within themselves on the blank canvas of this child.

  26. Well, speaking from experience I doubt the kid will really remember much of it…

    At 8 I had 2 partial teeth fragments removed with nitrous, all went fine and I felt a little sleepy, but was watching cartoons in an hour of getting home. I don’t remember much about the procedure or anything other than I hated the stitches.

    At 13 I had another partial tooth fragment removed from my lower jaw. This required full anesthesia. I don’t know what was in the IV, but when I woke up 3 hours later I felt fine. No pain, nothing. That was until they asked if I could walk. And the room began to spin around me. Needless to say my mom got me into the car and kept punching me to stay away on the 20 min ride home (me weighting almost twice her). I promptly made it to my bed and passed out still clothed. But the best part was when I awoke 6 hours later. I got out of the bed and look at the door way. I felt this light feeling come over me, and I honestly thought if I just jump a little I could float over to the door. Then my normal weight came back, and it was, “oh well.”

    I don’t do drugs, never really saw the point. I suspect the reason he keeps asking if it feels good is because that’s an adult reaction.

  27. “No one seems concerned about the kid’s point of view. We know that once something goes online and is multiply downloaded, it’s out there forever. When the kid becomes a teenager and his image is still floating around somewhere, showing him nodding out like an idiot, how will he feel about that?”

    Actually, the Dad seems very concerned about the kid’s point of view. A lot of his questions are about making the kid feel comfortable, explaining to him what’s going on so he doesn’t get upset, but also not upsetting the kid by sounding overly concerned or worried. Sounds good to me.

    Also, why should any child be embarrassed by this? If the kid hits his teens and for some reason find this mortifying, I would be more worried that the kid had grown up without a sense of humour.

  28. Age doesn’t relegate a person’s desire (or lack thereof) for altered states of consciousness. A seven year old spinning around in a circle until he’s so dizzy that he can’t stand up is just the same as a twenty five year old’s night at the bar.

    One would hope that he gained some perspective from the event. Whether that perspective is “Drugs are bad, mmmkay.” or he if discovered a new facet to reality that he hadn’t considered before isn’t even the poin. The growth itself is. In that aspect I hope that his Father showed him the video later on.

    That being said I find the video funny. He’s acting like most 18 year olds after a six pack. Also, go Gators.

  29. bunch of old people! Haven’t you been paying attention to what your own kids have been posting?
    By the time this boy is twenty, the web will so overloaded with clips of billions of stupid, trivial, human moments from virtually everyone alive that the very idea of “being embarrassed” by something floating around on Youtube will earn you a blank stare. Where is “shame” in something ALL the monkeys in the cage are doing?

  30. My heart was in my throat watching this. That poor child. “Is this going to be forever?” Oh my god.

    The dental practice should have kept the child there until this level of incoherence wore off. If it were an adult in a hospital, even with a ride home scheduled, they would not have been allowed to leave (I know from experience).

    The child’s condition suggests that the anesthesiologist either used too much or the boy is not reacting to it normally. In either case, he should have been kept under observation until he was fully functional again.

  31. I don’t see the problem here. Home videos of kids in comically compromised states are nothing new; this one’s just on YouTube. The only downside is this might follow the kid around in his personal life, which would be unfortunate – he could be teased on account of the dad’s decision to share.

    Otherwise, I hardly see the cause for the outrage.

  32. I love this video! I have lots of stuff like this of my own children on VHS tape that I would post on YouTube if I ever had the time to convert them, but even on those rare occasions when we do watch them, most of our friends aren’t really all that interested. Have you ever tried watching someone else’s home videos, and struggled to stay awake? I suspect it takes more time than it’s worth to edit these things skillfully, and I just haven’t had that much to spare.

    I remember a similar moment when my youngest son was 16 and being prepped for rotator cuff surgery after a high school wrestling injury, and once the anesthetic was administered, he began joking with the medical team and giggling incessantly. He has always had a great sense of humor and everyone in the room cracked up. He laughed all the way into the OR, and I hoped it would put to rest all the nervous anxiety filling the room from the other patients waiting in pre-op.

    Laughter is contagious, and this video proves what a great tonic it can be when administered properly.

    For all the finger-wagging in the comments, people who aren’t parents tend to take themselves entirely too seriously. Have you all forgotten what it was like to be a child?

  33. I agree with the people commenting that the dad was out of line for asking “Does it feel good?” Obviously, any proper parent would’ve terrified the child with yelling and maybe fake vampire teeth, taking the opportunity to scare the kid off drugs forever. Parents these days, I tell ya.

  34. I laughed, hard, at this.

    I have three kids, and they would laugh their butts off if I recorded them like this. Because they have a sense of humor. So do I.

    Bad parenting – NO.

    Bad judgment – NO.

    Some of us out here in reality land need to get a clue.

  35. There’s nothing wrong with that, those are legal drugs ministered by pros with noble objectives. And his dad taped it, so what? Parents tape their kids doing all sort of embarassing things since the dawn of home video.

    It’s not like they caught him by force, tied him up and gave him a shot just for the laugh of it, c’mon.

  36. “Living with a child is a lot like living with a drunk anyway.”

    The same could be said of husbands.

    Relax, it’s just the world becoming a village. One global Mayberry RFD where everyone knows everything about you and you can never escape it ever ever. Should be sufficient motive for colonizing the solar system.

  37. My son got gassed twice for tooth extractions before he was six. I feel much more guilt over not flossing his teeth than exposing him to the nitrous, in fact I’m glad he got to enjoy himself.

  38. @37 Takuan – yup that’s pretty much what I was going to say – after living with a 15yo for a while. Eventually I gave up on trying to convince her a little privacy might be a good thing!
    Re asking if he feels good – totally dad trying to help him have a good trip. If your friend/kid is tripping out for any reason – don’t ask if they feel bad! Don’t scare them or act worried or say – “nooo! I don’t have 4 eyes” – then they will really have a bad trip!
    Chgoliz: everyone needs to learn how to deal with altered states. Maybe it will happen from drugs legal or illegal, or a fever, or a marathon, or labour, or an allergic reaction, a traumatic event, or a panic attack. It is absolutely important that people learn – no this won’t last forever and I feel weird but that’s ok.
    As far whether the kid was ready to go home I can’t say.

  39. @38
    I imagine the kid would rather be somewhere safe with his father in that state than in some strange sterilized environment.

    I was a little uncomfortable watching this, because it seemed kind of private (I still find images my parents have of me somewhat mortifying- and I am 36), but I agree with the posters that the cameraman’s questions were the right ones to ask someone who was freaking out a little.

    @fee (26): What miracle practice do dentists use in your country to counteract the pain of major surgery in your country?

  40. He’s acting like most 18 year olds after a six pack. Also, go Gators.

    The day I see people having hallucinations because of a six pack, I will have to laugh at them, or question their health…but I get your point…


    My heart was in my throat watching this. That poor child. “Is this going to be forever?” Oh my god.

    I think it’s not necessary to point out that I lmfao at this comment…the kid said it feels good! What’s the matter with you!

  41. Outside of obvious abuse, “Bad Parenting” pretty much means “you didn’t do that the way I woulda. You are the WORST PARENT EVER.”

    And really, if I were choosing which of my embarrassing moments were to end up on teh internets, I’d far rather go through life being David After Dentist than Star Wars Kid.

    Finally, I think that an “Is this real life” t-shirt would be a great way to start a college fund. (OK, maybe not)

  42. If this video follows this kid around his whole life it’ll probably be because he is wearing it like a badge of honor. I smell Uncle Rico here. “Hey, you wanna see my video?”

  43. I second Arkizzle at 47 is there more?

    Though there are moments in my life I hope have been lost to time, I wish there where more of those. Imagine showing his first girlfriend that video? lolz and happy memories!

  44. Actually, I think it’s pretty bad to be putting your kids up on youtube in the first place.

    You thought it was embarassing having your parents showing people your baby pictures…

  45. i had multiple surgeries when i was a child. i’ve been this kid many times over. this video is hilarious. gives me a chance to laugh at myself for all the times i struggled to come off it.

    to anyone complaining about it, i guess you got lucky in your childhood.

  46. Having video of your child for consumption at home, no problem.

    Sharing it on the internet… I don’t care WHAT it shows, I think the fact that many of you think this is ok, is very worrying.

    People have a right to privacy. Children are people. I don’t think it is right to post this to a public site… for what? Entertainment?

    How is this different from bullies posting pictures of classmates when they are drunk or in embarrassing situations? What’s the morality of that, if it’s ok to post stuff of your children in an abnormal state?

    The father was too busy filming to properly reassure his son. He’d have stopped filming if reassurance was his first concern.

  47. For some reason they have no desire to keep people at the dentist’s office until they are coherent enough to go home. I was 17 when I had wisdom teeth out and was half-carried down the hall and poured into the back seat of the car as soon as my eyes opened. It was several hours before I felt anywhere near normal. Why they want to send you home in that state is beyond me, but it seems to be standard procedure.

  48. I shudder to think about how some of you would have reacted if your own child was recovering from anesthesia. A kid in this condition needs some calm reassurance, like his dad is giving him. He isn’t really well-equipped to deal with a parent’s panic or righteous indignation. It’s funny and cute, and probably harmless. I’m sure he’s back in class now, coloring inside the lines and learning useful things.

    When I had my wisdom teeth removed, they put me under full sedation. When I woke back up, I was in a pretty similar state to this kid. I fixed a problem with the receptionist’s network connection on the way out, played in the elevator for about 10 minutes, and thumb-wrestled with my wife over who was going to drive home. (safe bet – she’s a thumb wrestling goddess)

    Not one person was concerned over whether this was going to lead to a lifetime of drug abuse, or if the oral surgeon was derelict in his duty, or if society had gone down the tubes because I didn’t wake up fully lucid. I was simply recovering from a medical procedure in the expected way.

    Just because this kid is, well, a kid doesn’t mean that this experience is going to ruin his life. His dad could have made is very unpleasant by over-reacting and making a big deal out of it. I’ve talked a few people through bad trips in my day, and it looks to me like Dad is handling this exactly right.

  49. Classic moment! Nothing wrong with this, people send all kinds of crazy stuff into AFV and nobody says boo. That will be a childhood memory the family will cherish for years to come. Lighten up people!

  50. Definitely mark me in the “this is no big deal” column. I’ll leave it at that as other’s have better said what I would.

  51. Wolfairy has a point in the comparison between a video and telling a story at a party. But the audience at a party is much, much smaller unless it’s an inauguration. The “feels good” question I thought was odd, (“Oh, yes, felt great. More oral surgery! When I grow up I want to be Bill Murray in Little Shop of Horrors.”) And it was disturbing to see him screaming “Why is this happening to me!?” But I’m not the parent. The issue I have is with the question of the child’s privacy. Also, I didn’t laugh.

  52. To the detractors, how do you know the kid didn’t consent to it being posted?

    And if anything this would be a drug deterrent to him or anyone else his age. Drunk/high people are funny. That’s the lesson here.

  53. How is this different from bullies posting pictures of classmates when they are drunk or in embarrassing situations?

    Because it is done with love?

  54. EverySandwich

    Also, I didn’t laugh.

    You are clearly a better person than any of us. Bad, bad commenters.

  55. Fee, and other detractors, which is creepier: A parent consenting and posting a cute video of their kid online, or some real creep using personal cameras to keep a personal/secret stash of kid videos.

    C’mon, we’re not in a camera-less society by a long shot. And real creeps will just act creepy no matter what you do.

  56. YOU posted it. What kind of blogger would pick up a piece …. a tone of righteous indignation? THINK!

    Is this going to be forever?

  57. This is no more exploitative than videotaping an overtired kid falling asleep at the dinner table. My wife and I have an 18-month old and we videotape him any time he acts funny. That is what parents do. Besides he isn’t tripping on illicit drugs, he is still hazy from the dentists’ chair. The kid wouldn’t have remembered his woozy tomfoolery without video evidence.

    No biggie.

  58. @ MDH _ “Is this going to be forever?”

    Yes, it’s going to be like this forever. All blog comments are all exactly like this now, and always will be. Forever and ever.

  59. Note to people above who are freaking out about this going over the interwebs. Who the eff cares? Really truly in the long run, no harm, no foul. If you were my parents/family/relatives and tried to wrap a protective cloak around me, I’d probably go do drugs just to keep my sanity!!

    The reason the world/parenting/lawsuits/ suck right now is because of tight-wads such as you. Let the kids go do what they want, play tag, play football and break an arm, eat dirt. Because you keep em all wrapped up in their bubbles and hover over them, it’s now wonder kids can barely function in society nowadays. Let em go outside and play and be kids.

    I think this is hilarious, the father in no way was egging the kid on, coaxing him, etc. He was being a dad and a good one at that. At least he was there to bring the kid to/fro the dentist and show some genuine concern. How many of you find it to be a ‘hassle’ because your kid has an appointment?

  60. I don’t know that this is an example of bad video ideas by a parent, but “Kid on Drugs” is a lot more inflammatory than “David After Dentist”.

    Of course, if we jump to the wrong conclusion from lack of context, it just adds to the fun.

    I’m not annoyed by the video, but I am annoyed that the context was deliberately buried.

  61. To put this in perspective….

    If this were a video of my childhood, I would have been in the front seat, sober. Not wearing a seatbelt. My father would have been in the driver’s seat in a state comparable to this kid’s. The car would have been moving. Twenty miles per hour over the speed limit. Sampling all the available lanes. Until we heard the siren. The cop would see that there was a child in the car, so he would just let us go. Rinse and repeat.

  62. What I’m taking away from this comment thread (other than a chuckle at the original video) is a personal reminder that a lot of people are actually afraid, or at least strongly put off by anyone on drugs.

  63. > My wife and I have an 18-month old and we videotape him any time he acts funny.

    Sure, but do you post it for the whole world to see? There’s a weird sense of ownership parents have over their children’s privacy. “Hey it’s my kid, I can post anything I want” Of course, the child has no say in the matter, and by the time they do, it’s too late.

  64. Who are any of you to pass judgement on this guy’s parenting skills? You can’t make a lot of big assumptions based on this video alone. The kid isn’t nude, or being abused or violated. The dad has a good sense of humor. As a parent with two kids of my own, who I LOVE very much and would never try to exploit, I can see this as amusing and kind of cute. I was on that stuff when my wisdom teeth were taken out and it was quite an amazing high. The next day my mom said I was so pleasant and why couldn’t I be that warm and friendly all the time!

  65. Noen: Forever and ever.

    Curses! The internets used to be so pure back when I was a boy and had to walk 6 miles uphill in the snow just to use a VMS. Sigh.

  66. I’ve had my share of dentist appointments. I’ve had wisdom teeth drilled messily apart inside the large orifice in my face with me being fully conscious.

    I was just wondering, I’ve never been actually drugged by anything during any of the numerous dental operations I’ve gone through in my time. What exactly did this kid get? Nitrous oxide? All I’ve ever had is regular anaesthesia, and no dentist has ever given me any options either. I’ve always been coherent, albeit sometimes a little wobbly, walking out of the dentist’s office.

    How common is it to drug kids up like this? Or grown-ups, for that matter? Seems a bit… unnecessary? Is it? I mean, I dislike the idea of having strangers mess with my teeth as much as the next guy, but come on.

    1. I had sodium pentothal as a child and as an adult for dental surgery. Chances are that the kid got a benzodiazepine such as Versed as well.

  67. I hereby nominate “Is this going to be forever?” as the official BB shorthand for “a lotta snarky, increasingly strident people on both sides of a non-issue are threatening to take the comments over the century mark for no apparent reason.”

  68. absolutely hysterical.

    that kid is fucked right up!

    I think you need a “Free-range Kids” Chaser to enlighten the paranoids.

  69. How common is it to drug kids up like this? Or grown-ups, for that matter?

    When I had my wisdoms pulled I was given the option of local anaesthetic, the gas or a combination (went with the combination). Considering one of the questions people asked me about it at the time was, “You go with the gas or the needle?” I think it’s fairly common, at least in the US.

    Also, my post-surgery experience was grogginess, crashing hard for a nap at home, waking up to the most intense pain I’ve ever known then burning the crap out of my tongue because I was stupid enough to try and eat some soup while the novacaine was still partially active.

  70. I don’t find this funny, nor do I think this gentleman is a bad parent. But I work with kids, and Charles was right upthread, they’re not cartoon characters, they’re people.

    I have embarrassing baby pictures, but you’re never going to see them. Unless we’re already friends, and even then it might take some prodding.

    I think it’s a bit demeaning of the kid. Like people who get toddler’s ears pierced or dress their children in ridiculous outfits, it’s not something I’d do, but not abuse or neglect by any means.

  71. #11 elagie:

    I’m sorry, I don’t see the humor — or the wisdom of the apparent over-anesthesia. My eight year old daughter had a tooth pulled with the aid of nothing more than some bubblegum scented laughing gas.

    Okay. But this kid had obviously had some kind of oral surgery, as indicated by the dad mentioning stitches on multiple occasions. When I was 8, I had an oral surgery to remove a tooth bud that was growing in from the roof of my mouth, and the dentist who performed the surgery quite mercifully knocked my ass out cold.

    It strikes me as wrong to assume that this kid was over-anaesthetized because none of your kids ever had to have surgery done on their mouth.

  72. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t kids fairly normally act like this? Maybe my experience with the little ones isn’t exactly expansive, but every single time I’ve had the opportunity, it’s struck how much they seem like midgets on some quality high-octane drugs.

  73. Just to let you all know, I’ll be selling my new shirts “Is this real life?” and “Why is this happening to me?” in my audiolife store for the incredibly low price of $16.00 each to take advantage of the obvious internet meme being created by this post.


  74. This kid is also ruined for life, having his video on the internet!

    Where are all of the angry comments about the kid’s consent and the parents’ disregard of the Permanence of the Dangerous Internet.

    Also, I had all of my wisdom teeth removed 11 days ago. I don’t remember anything about leaving the oral surgeons or the drive home. Nothing until I was in bed. But I was fine. My bill would have been much larger if I was kept until I was genuinely coherent.

  75. I’ve overheard conversations like that…with people closer to my own age ;-) Usually after last call.

  76. Apostle, as much of a link-whore as that was, the t’s are actually quite nice.

    (Nobody else read that! You’ll only follow the link! Curses!)

  77. My kid had to have a tooth extracted last year. Laughing gas and a needle — he laughed his ass off for five minutes and fell asleep until after the tooth was out. *I* was the one pacing the hall on the verge of tears. I gave serious thought to asking the dentist for a hit of laughing gas to calm ME down.

    Disgusted by this video? Uh, nope. Think he’s a bad parent? uh…nope, not that either.

    I kinda want to say “Dude. Turn the camera off, take the kid home to mom, and go get the painkiller prescription filled, ’cause when that anesthesia wears off, the poor kid’s mouth is gonna hurt like a motherfucker.”

    But it’s 1:59…it’s no big freakin’ deal, folks.

  78. I had a pretty bad trip on demerol when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out of my head. My mom got held up coming to pick me up and I was alone and felt horrible. Whenever the doctor asks me if I’m alergic to anything, I always say demerol.

  79. His primal scream was surprisingly robust. I actually stopped giggling and was scared for a moment that he was heading down the path of “really bad trip,” but it looks like the father had it in hand.

  80. One of my friends once came over, and he was having a really bad trip (acid, of course). He told me that he thought he was dying, and I told him he wasn’t dying. So I put on a calm, relaxing movie to help him through it.

    It was _Jacob’s Ladder_.

  81. I’m sure it’s been said elsewhere on the interwebs (and probably more eloquently) but:

    The true definition of “irony” is expecting everyone on the internet to actually “get” your ironic blog/comment/video.

  82. Well I enjoyed that more than I should’ve. The scream was the best part. I totally lost it when he screamed.

    Last time I had surgery, apparently when I woke up the first thing I said was I WANT SOME MASHED POE-TAAAAAA-TOES!

  83. I had all four wisdom teeth dug out of my infected jaws when I was in my early 20’s. I know how this kid feels. When I left the dentist, I was so messed up my (then girlfriend, now wife) had to support me. She said I was talking crazy nonsense about aliens and other assorted weirdness.

    I think this is pretty funny, and I feel bad for all those uptight folks who feel the need to find something wrong in what is just a harmless little episode of post-anesthesia silliness. It’s called “self-righteous” because they have only their own self to carry the load, try as they might to dump it on others.

  84. Anonymous #99, did you read the comments on that thread? The Parental Concern Trolls were out in force on that one too–not because of the terrible, terrible internet, true, but because the kid was in a bouncer and is ZOMG RUINED FOR LIFE!!1!

  85. When I was fourteen, I had oral surgery and got a load of happygas. I went to my room to sleep it off. My eight-year-old brother later told me that I asked him to come sit on my legs because they were floating away.

  86. I remember once seeing America’s Funniest Home Videos, oh, about twenty years ago. (It doesn’t feel like that long.) A kid was coming down a snowy hill on an inner tube (as I recall, face first.) The inner tube passed behind one of those jacked-up pickup trucks so the kid was momentarily obscured…and out the other side, between the truck’s tires, comes shooting the inner tube, now kidless.

    I laughed so hard (for about half a second – I’m pretty slow sometimes.) Then: yeesh.

    Compared to this? At the least, the kid on the inner tube got a bloody nose and a seriously ruined day. David, no serious injury, except maybe to pride. And that’s a big maybe.

    I remember the kid on the inner tube twenty years on because I realized I’d just laughed at someone who might have been seriously hurt. Will anyone remember this video in twenty years?


  87. FINALLY got home where YouTube isn’t blocked and I can watch this.

    It’s CUTE. That’s all. His father handles him perfectly, and he’s cute as a bug. I about died of “Awwwww”* when he said “Is this gonna be for ever?” because how would he know?

    I think putting this up on YouTube is FINE. If only because I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

    *Yeah, I was awwwwwstruck.

  88. I almost cried when he asked “Is this forever?” I thought the video was funny and totally fine to do, but I knew exactly how he felt at that moment. Luckily, his dad seemed to know how to handle someone having a bad trip a lot better than my friends did.

    I actually lost a week when I got my wisdom teeth out. During that week I recorded a song with my band that I don’t remember doing (and which is really, really weird) and even went on a snowboarding trip. I remember almost nothing. Just little scenes here and there, from over the course of 5 days.

    I don’t do well with drugs.

  89. #33 – yeah, right on man. That was so, so funny. You could tell by the Dad’s voice, his tone and his generally loving demeanour that he knew how to handle the boy. Cheers!

  90. Everyone wants to be sure that everyone else’s kids are raised the exact same way they’d raise their own, and they’re not above publicly embarassing themselves for the chance to try and force it to happen.

  91. Man, I laugh at this every time. It did make me uncomfortable though, especially when he screamed and then melted… I’ve been there, kiddo. I wonder if this arouses some basic comic need in us to get kids wasted. Obviously it’s hilarious. This is a rare voyeuristic opportunity, and I’m glad you posted it. I hope this begins a sweeping trend of youtube parents forcing their kids to huff ether and dance.

  92. The worst kind of outrage is the outrage felt on behalf of someone who isnt outraged.

    Your all jackasses – would ANY of you recognize this kid in 2 years? no – Anyone outside of his dads youtube page will never know who this kid is.

    When your stoned you need a kind supportive person like this dad.

    So sedation is the new gateway drug? Why tell our kids to not smoke pot, if were just gonna send them to the goddamn hospital?

    If you feel outraged over this video: GO HAVE YOUR OWN KIDS AND RAISE THEM BY YOUR OWN DAMN SELVES.

  93. The comments on here crack me up more than the video!

    Note: Almost all comments on youtube are positive. Many comments on boingboing, not so much. There really are a lot of uptight people out there.

    For the record, I do photograph and video my kids and post the results. Though none thus far have been this entertaining (except to the grandparents of course)

  94. why this world is full of a bunch political correct sicken losers. The little boy was just having a very funny moment in his life due an assisted treatment and is just something that could happen in anyone life. An we have to read comments of lots of bored people with nothing to do and to think ! get off of your facebook, get off of the telly, burn your bra and HAVE MORE SEX!

    For the father. How amazing are new technologies isn’t it? you can register forever this funny and unforgettable moment of our life!

  95. seriously, people lighten up! he just came from the dentist, obviously its normal that he would act oddly coming out of anestesia! these are the moments that parents are blessed with and someday this boy will be a man and be able to laugh w/ his dad about this day!

  96. Am I the only one who thinks the kid is acting? Or at least overdoing it?

    Kid logic: You’ve taken drugs, so you are supposed to act funny and stupid, cause that’s what people on drugs do.

    Whether or not you really feel as funny or stupid as you are acting.

    That’s not to say the video isn’t funny — in fact, this theory if true would make it less exploitative.

  97. luxury! When I was a nipper, we had to drink a cup of brimstone mixed with our ketamine and then our dad’ud cut us up with a great knife! Up hill! Both ways!

  98. “Is this real life?”
    “Is this going to be forever?”

    Aah, takes me back to an Amsterdam hotel room in the Summer of 2007. Good times.

  99. Drugs and children – two topics that invoke alot of passionate discourse. Here, well, they seemed to have just left most people confused and unsure of exactly why this is bad (but, for sure, it is really, really bad, right? right?)) and who should be first to have a finger waggled at them.

    I thought it was funny, and if this kid sees what he looks like on drugs early on he may well be too embarrassed to ever try them again.

  100. romulusnr: I recognised more than just a little self-aware glint in his eye on a few occasions. But there are moments when he just seems too out of it to manage even acting – those neck spasms and that blank focus. Universal physiological response to sedation.

  101. @#127: Ever heard of inhibition? Also, you’re supposed to act stupid and funny on drugs? Since when?

  102. I’m not a dentist, but I do perform procedural sedation-I wouldn’t have let that kid leave medical supervision the way he was. At a conference I attended a few years ago a pediatrician from Texas talked about sedation of children and taught us all the typical US dental practice is SCARY with regards to what they don’t know.

  103. educate then: what medical danger is inherent in the boy leaving the dental office in that state? What could they do at the dental office that an ambulance crew couldn’t, if called?

  104. I just realized something…

    It’s almost as entertaining to read the comments as to visit sites for the content. Thanks boingboing!

    Video: Dad handled this perfectly. Trust me, my mom would always try to get us to “act normal” especially in these situations. Both my brother and I ended up worrying about what other people thought of us for a really long time.

    We just happened to have a conversation about this last weekend. We both had to unlearn worrying about other people’s business the hard way. It would have been much easier to have a parent as relaxed as this guy.

    Besides, this kid won’t even remember being that high!

  105. The comments are so interesting. More interesting than the video. I can see the point in most of the comments. However, any one who has a young child may or may not be aware of some new drugs the dentists use during “not routine” dental procedures. My daughter, who is extremely shy and scared of the dentist, had to have tooth extraction. The dental team gave her anesthesia. One that is designed specifically for kids. When she woke up…I was told some kids act irritable, they can’t see straight etc. but, it wears off very fast. Plus, she won’t remember a thing. This was exactly what happened with my daughter.

    Now, I do question, why some one wasn’t in the backseat with the boy. His mouth was numb. I was told to have some one in the back with my daughter so she would not bite her tongue or hurt her mouth because of the numbness/the drugs had not worn off…she was out of it. So, I’ll say tisk tisk daddy. But, that’s dad’s for you. Moms were created because you dad’s do goofy stuff. But, your child is okay/that’s great.

  106. I feel soooooooooooo sorry for anyone who can’t laugh at this.

    Sometimes life is fucked up, sometimes you’re fucked up, sometimes you think you’re losing your mind, sometimes you just scream for the hell of it. Kids are human beings too, and they feel the same things you do. Perhaps the child’s privacy is violated by this; I suppose he couldn’t legally give consent, but c’mon already!

    If you can’t laugh once in a while, you’re in for a long, sad, cold existence.

  107. #138, The risk is that if the sedation hasn’t worn off, he may actually be too impaired to protect his own airway, and stop breathing. It’s not very likely, and it’s easy to fix if you see it, but waiting 2-10 minutes for an ambulance with a blue kid… I don’t know about this case, but it reminded me of several cases the US pediatrician told me in which kids died after/during dental procedures-usually due to using way-too-long-acting drugs, inadequate supervision afterwards, etc.

  108. The E! Network’s funny Soup show broadcast clips of this video (minus most of the Dad’s good parenting)this weekend. David is now a Supah-Star!

  109. You know, I finally figured out what bothered me about this: because of both his age and impaired condition, it is not possible for David to have given his consent.

  110. consent in a six year old in such a matter is parental consent. If there was a betrayal, that is between them.

    Why is no one yelling for the lynching of parents who put little girls in “beauty pageants”? Or stage mothers? Or football dads?

    There is a spectrum of less-than-optimal-parental care through to outright abuse. Most people with kids stay inside societal norms -but they feel guilty anyway.

    I think the private relationship between father and son could subsume implied consent through bond of trust. It is one thing to use and betray your child, quite another to make a mistake.
    Indeed, much of parenting devolves into an onging apology for your errors as a parent.

  111. Inside Edition has run stories on the “controversy” two nights in a row, now. Again showing an edit without any of the good parenting, just shots of David in a sequence designed to look as disturbing and unfunny as possible.

    They also had brief interviews with the Dad and David, the Dad saying he only thought friends and family would see the clip, David saying he thought it was funny the first couple times, but after that “it wasn’t funny any more”.

    BoingBoing, what hast thou wrought?

  112. Some kids get sedated before a dental appointment and that’s what happens to them. I’ve seen many in the waiting room at the dentist where I take my son. The voice of the dad in the video is so kind and his laughter reassuring – talking his kid out of the “bad trip” – as others have said. I feel sorry for the dad; good chance he regrets the stir this has caused. I think it’s all harmless, but for those who lack humour about it, it’s good to see that people are looking out for an anonymous little kid.

    This is 1,000 less creepy than the one a year or so ago that showed a small girl on X in a car. The “she’s rolling!” one…

  113. At about 1:03 it becomes infinitely obvious that the girl ‘on X’ is just playing. It’s that little grin she has. Far too coherent for someone actually rolling.

  114. If you think this is exploiting a child, just look at Supernanny, wife swap, etc. I saw those last last night for the first time and was appalled at the way they portrayed the kids as “real life” when you can be assured they were coached and coaxed and edited to create the most extreme representation possible.

    This is a father posting a video on YouTube for friends and family not a network making mega bucks. If you want to attack exploitation, go for the larger picture where mega-dollars are generated at the child’s expense.

  115. @ Anonymous # 153:

    You are lucky if you’ve never met a kid who acts like that in real life. I baby-sat a kid who was worse than that. He would scream at me at the top of his lungs for no reason, swear at me, throw things at me, pull my hair, punch me, kick me, slap me in the face, and I was JUST just his baby-sitter, not a professional nanny or anything, as I’m only 16. The last (ever) time I baby-sat him, he bit me so hard I bruised for over a week because I was trying to turn off the vrc because it was his bedtime, past his bedtime, actually. And he was EIGHT. And before you go saying stupid things about how wasn’t I in charge and crud like that, think about this. I’m five two and half, and the kid was barely a foot shorter than me, heavy and strong. He could leave bruises on me. So you thank your lucky stars you’ve never met a kid who acts like the ones on Supernanny.

  116. OMg
    That is so funny.
    It brings back memories of when i got my tonsils out.
    I was soooooo out of it.
    thats not bad parenting at all.
    thats just hilarious.

  117. A dad and his child having a funny moment together they will both look on and laugh about the rest of their lives. It’s classic and fun. Its ridiculous to read some of these holier-than-thou posts from uptight everything-a-phobes who are more concerned with the kids right to privacy and the amount of evil american drugs in the boys system rather than see a playful fun moment for a dad and his son that will live on for generations of laughs for their family. Unbelievable some of you worthless bitter people and your attitudes towards anything remotely different than your own. Props to the dad for sharing this experience for all of us parents who will be having to see their children in similar situations and will now have the comfort of knowing at least one child and parent who made the best of it.

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