The Life of Christ in Cats

The Life of Christ in Cats

I think this has been around the internet forever, but I don't recall having blogged it before. Life of Christ in Cats (Thanks, R. Stevens)


  1. Oh, you have to credit England’s Viz magazine for that.. That was a parody ad on the back of one of their issues. How I wish I could order one for real!

  2. Reminds me of the festival of Juno that celebrates the sacred geese guardians of the Capitol. If I recall correctly, there was a component of the celebration that involved crucifying stray dogs as a symbolic punishment of the dogs that failed their watch (?).

    Still, I can’t find this anywhere in a fast Google search, so it may have been just one doggie corpse around which the geese were ceremoniously led, with no crucifixion (but still!).

  3. …and he did pad up upon the mount, purring. and he spake unto the masses, saying thusly,” all ur base are belong to us!” and “meow!” and it was good.

  4. It was blogged before, I remember this one well. I blogged it in turn, on myspace (shudder).
    I think it was March 27, 2007… “actual size 190mm diameter, made from best quality plate material” <3

  5. Reminds me of other magnificent collector’s pieces from the Ham Shanklin Mint offered in the pages of Viz back in the day, such as the Elvis Presley Dambusters Clockplate of Tutankhamun and the Tony Hadley Faberge Pineapple.

  6. Gadgets123 11: The real war will be between people who have a sense of humor about their religious icons and people who do not.

    I suspect that you and I will be on opposite sides of that war.

    Also, you do seem to bring up Moslem immigration in topics that are related tangentially at best (such as here and here). It’s starting to be a hobby horse. Don’t ride it.

  7. Contrary to what some of the previous comments suggest, this was (is) a real product. It was produced by and sold through Viz magazine in the U.K. perhaps 8/9 years ago. I have one on my kitchen wall and I can tell you it more than lives up to its promise.

  8. I couldn’t find the mashed Durer Lolcat bible etchings last I looked. They had a great GTFO Garden of Eden expulsion.

  9. Remember that diarama made with stuffed squirrels in a rodeo setting? Heck, it’s easier to get cats than squirrels! Let’s see… long table, 12 glasses and a tiny holy grail…

  10. Takuan lamented

    there is something revolting about an innocent cat crucified.

    Hush, be not saddened. For He shall rise again. And again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. And then once more and thats it.

  11. Back when I was a staffer on Fortean Times, we shared a publisher with Viz; the office foyer had a Damien Hirst-style Billy The Fish in a vitrine, while out by the office canteen were life-sized fibreglass statues of the Fat Slags.

    And as noted elsewhere, Viz really did sell this, along with the Elvis Tutenkhamen Dambusters Clock and replicas of the Queen Mother’s teeth.

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