Liz McGrath's Valentine's Day butcher knives

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Hypertalented artist Elizabeth McGrath, whose faux taxidermy mutants are a BB favorite, is offering tiny personalized heart butcher knives for St. Valentine's Day. Also available is a version with a tiny red mouse emblazoned on the blade. They're $25 each, a steal compared to the gallery prices of her major artworks. From Liz's Web site:
Let someone know that a severed heart with their name on it reminds you of them! Knife is hand painted, rusted, signed, and glitter dusted. Comes in a hand sketched box. The knife can be personalized up to 6 letters.
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  1. I realize now that you meant “heart” butcher knives, in fact duhh on me because that’s what the picture says, but I spent a couple of seconds wondering what use a butcher knife (or a cleaver) would be at the hearth. De-twigging logs, maybe? :-)

    This is funny. I don’t know anyone I hate enough to send one, though.

  2. someone should get david one of these for making the rest of us want one (and some, like me, who just bought one)!

  3. If you’ve got a woman in your life that would be thrilled to have this as a Valantine’s Day gift—beware. Go with the chocolates.

  4. I’d love one for my girlf(r)iend, but they’d never be allowed into the UK – who knows what we’d get up to if we had knives!

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