Meowfaceman is seduced by the guitar pick carrier

On guest blogger Gareth Branwyn's My Wallet Just Got Raptured thread, we have Meowfaceman, comment 12:
My reaction:

Man, that's ridiculous. Let me look at these -- holy shit, does that wallet have a guitar pick carrier?.

I hate you BoingBoing. You make me spend money on retarded things ALL THE TIME. At the same time, however, I love you for it.


Also in that thread, FutureNerd, comment #4

My new wallet reflects my ambivalence about pretension with its appearance of genuine hand-tooled hand-stitched leather laser-printed on genuine Tyvek.
Which in turn grabbed Gareth Branwyn, #8:
Woah. I dig the Mighty Wallet. When my current wallet gets raptured, I think I'm going to trade down to a Mighty Wallet. Pretty cool. I love the faux tooled leather. Tres summer camp.
Good comments, front page.


  1. Woo-hoo! My comment made it to the front page. I’m on Boing Boing! I’m on… I… oh, wait a minute…

  2. If only the Raptured came with a brass grommet in one corner with a chromed chain through it. It could transport us to our mis-spent youth in pool halls.

  3. I’ve got a sewing machine that can handle leather. I’ve got a source of leather scraps. But how the hell do you laser etch on a budget? Especially if you have no artistic talent whatsoever?

    I need iron-on’s for leather or something.

  4. @InsertFingerHere: if you can get your hands on some Tyvek (USPS mailing envelopes work well) and a solvent-based inkjet printer (I have no idea if standard consumer inkjets are water or solvent based, and water-based ones will probably work ok anyway) you can probably fabricate your own by taking pictures/finding internet pictures of a leather wallet

  5. Speaking of BB getting us to spend money on retarded things ALL THE TIME, my fella and I bought his roommate the moleskine iPod cover ( for his roommate for Christmas – he has a Nano, and is comically obsessed with moleskines. Though their website didn’t seem to ship to the U.S., they came through. When he opened the gift, the roommate said, “I may have to beat MYSELF up.”

  6. Cardbross: Good notion. Instructables has a bunch of designs for making Tyvek wallets, so you could work with one of those plus your wallet images.

  7. In The Best of Instructables, we reprinted the Instructable for making wallets from keyboard membranes. They’re a little fragile, and you need to be someone who carries a rather thin wallet (some cash, ID and a couple of CCs), but they look really cool, and it becomes a little like Christmas cracking open keyboards to see which types of membranes they have (they vary dramatically). I did a workshop/demo on making them at last year’s Maker Faire Austin. I also made a keyboard membrane checkbook cover, which I actually do use. And I used the membrane material on the cover of my Maker’s Notebook.

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