M&M's printed with faces

You can now order M&M's customized with a photo. The photo, presumably a face, is printed in black food-grade ink on a centimeter of space. From the "Do's & Dont's":
FacemmmmPlease don't use objectionable words and phrases. No obscenities or inappropriate images. We don't want to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth.

Custom Printed MY M&M'S® are for personal use only. That means no images or names that belong to a business, product, celebrity, specific sports teams, major events, landmarks, or schools or institutions.

To avoid any confusion and keep everyone safe, we will not print any reference to drugs or prescription items, especially those that are in pill or capsule form.

My M&M's (Thanks, Charles Pescovitz!)


  1. A friend of mine…well, background first. I have Thanksgiving every year with a group of old friends who have a tradition of singing a song from Bored of the Rings prior to the main meal. It starts “We boggies are a hairy folk (DOO DAH, DOO DAH); we like to eat until we choke (OH DOO DAH DAY).”

    I have a fair degree of sympathy for the M&M company in not allowing my friend’s message for the M&Ms she ordered for the occasion. It was “Eat ’til you choke.”

  2. I scrolled past this article rather quickly, and read the title as “M&M’s printed with feces.”


  3. No landmarks – that’s odd. I would have thought that something like the image of the Taj Mahal, Mount Fuji, or the Empire State building, would be well in the public domain…

  4. I want specific colours of M&Ms to have specific messages–which I’m assuming the company will let you do. Then I can construct molecule models like those CG pictures in my HS textbooks.

  5. Wonder how long it’ll take for the after-market version of this to pop up, so twisted bastards like myself can get M&Ms emblazoned with obscenities on them, and foist a bowl of them them on an unsuspecting church social.

  6. I had a batch made up for a 12 year old’s B-Day once with



    on them. He had a blast walking around with a little tin of them and offering them up and the reactions from people when they read the label of what they were eating. eeewwww.

  7. Looks like Madonna, Mick Jagger, Charro and lots of other celebrities will miss out on getting their own M&Ms etched with their image, since it says you can’t use images of celebrities, sports teams, corporate logos, etc…

    And some people thought it was all fun and games being famous!

  8. The customized M&Ms are a total ripoff. We had some made last year for a baby shower. They screwed up our order and it took like two months to finally get the custom M&Ms delivered (long after the baby shower had already occurred). Also the price was insanely high. It would be cheaper to buy regular M&Ms and send them to a sweatshop in another country to have each one customized by hand.

  9. Too bad, I’d like a big bag of ’em printed with ‘Xanax’ or something like that. Put them in a prescription bottle, and start popping them at funny times. Yee-haw.

  10. if you’re not meant to use logos or company names, why do they show customised “ups” m&ms in their examples?

  11. i got a bag of these when i was in the studio audience for the martha stewart show. the ink they use is different from the regular “m” ink, and i thought it tasted weird :/

  12. I got these for my 40th birthday recently. Half said MIKE!! on them, the other half had my face. It was a big hit at the party.

  13. I ordered the Faces for my niece and nephew’s birthday party. Couldn’t believe how clear their faces looked. We put the M&M’s on top of all the cupcakes, and people freaked. Mostly in a good way :)

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