Robert Rankin's badass homemade raygun

James sez, "Author Robert Rankin creates the covers for his own books. His recent book Necrophenia, sported a clock made from bones. For his 31st book, Retromancer, he has built a really cool-looking raygun and has posted some images on his Fanclubs forum."

I have a small collection of rayguns, begun when my wife surprised me on my birthday with one of Weta's stupendous cast-iron steampunk guns. That little shelf of notional, contrafactual armaments in my office is just about my favorite place to rest my gaze. Rayguns kick ass.


(Thanks, James!)


  1. If that thing actually works, I might just be feeling a little inadequate right now.

    If not, then I don’t.

  2. I love his books (there’s something almost Irish about his style of writing, maybe it’s that they’re like tall tails or pub-spun yarns) and his covers always have a lovely retro fetishistic quality to them.
    Also I pass some of the places his books mention frequently and I can never look at them in quite the same way again.

  3. I have a small collection of rayguns.

    Ooh! Oooh! Do you have a Ronald Raygun?

    I’m so very sorry for that.

  4. We have Ray Gun Revival (which sounds like Reagan Revival, but which actually has nothing whatever to do with the GOP).

    [shameless plug – RGR just celebrated milestone Issue #50!]

  5. Hey all you scifi nuts – rayguns have been around for almost 150 years and are not fictional. The first ray gun was created in the 1860s. It was a heat ray that used a salt crystal for a lens. I lack any clue what it looked like.

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