TED2009: Jake Eberts


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  1. Rider says:

    How about a TED2009 blog instead of flooding boing boing.

  2. thekevinmonster says:

    I’ll take TED2009BOING over the CRICHTONBOING we had earlier.

    I suppose it all balances out, though.

  3. 13strong says:

    Mark, just one thing:

    Are you writing these via telegram or something? What’s with the weird grammar, sound-bitey language and typos?

    It’s really hard to read; like bunnyhopping in a car.

  4. Johnny Cat says:

    Mark, I can’t wait for it to come out, either. Absolutely about time. Along with Google Ocean, this should open a lot of eyes.

  5. jungletek says:

    @7 – Agreed, it too rubbed me the wrong way.

  6. Keneke says:


    Mark Frauenfelder is the secret identity of Rorschach!

  7. Takuan says:

    why did it have to be Disney?

  8. holtt says:

    The halo photoshop jobs would be great if you could get an angelic chorus to emote every time you moused over the images. It seems really weird to label these people as visually angelic and glowing. They don’t need cheap photoshop tricks IMO – their talks speak (har) for themselves.

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