TED2009: Jake Eberts


Film producer Jake Eberts is on stage at TED2009.

He was involved in producing Chariots of Fire, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Driving Miss Daisy, and more.

He's working on a film about the ocean. Wants to create an emotional connection to the issue of damage to ocean. He started as chemical engineer in 1962 - a sewage analyst in Stockholm, became a producer in the 70s (said "some would say that's not a huge leap from a sewage analyst").

He met actor, producer, and director Jaques Perrin, who is also a well known speaker (in French only, he doesn't speak English). Perrin's latest film is called Oceans. Perrin devoted his last 8 years to it. Took four years of shooting. Crews works all over the world. One guy spent 23 days in water trying to get shot of whale. Had to invent special cameras to film dolphins swimming at 20km an hour. Shot over 140 species, cost $170 million. 300 hours, will cut to a two-hour feature.

We have time time save the oceans and the dignity of the animals in the ocean.

Disney will release it in the US on April 22, 2010.

Now he's showing a nine-minute clip of the movie. Beautiful shots of ocean waves, whales jumping. Gorgeous jellyfish forest. Best underwater cinematography I've ever seen. Can't wait for it to come out.


  1. The halo photoshop jobs would be great if you could get an angelic chorus to emote every time you moused over the images. It seems really weird to label these people as visually angelic and glowing. They don’t need cheap photoshop tricks IMO – their talks speak (har) for themselves.

  2. I’ll take TED2009BOING over the CRICHTONBOING we had earlier.

    I suppose it all balances out, though.

  3. Mark, I can’t wait for it to come out, either. Absolutely about time. Along with Google Ocean, this should open a lot of eyes.

  4. Mark, just one thing:

    Are you writing these via telegram or something? What’s with the weird grammar, sound-bitey language and typos?

    It’s really hard to read; like bunnyhopping in a car.

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