TED2009: Nandan Nilekani


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  1. zikzak says:

    Are we sure this guy doesn’t work for the IMF/World Bank? ‘Cause everything written here reads like it came right out of a giddily pro-globalization report on why India should abolish minimum wage and give medical care only to those who can pay for it.

    It’s funny how in order to become first world countries, developing nations are expected to embrace the free market more than the first world ever has. Of course, poverty and reduced economic freedom results.

  2. Roy Trumbull says:

    Going back to about 1960, a former teacher of mine was on sabbatical in India. What he found to be discouaging then was the degree of fatalism amongst the Indians. I find it amazling that in the interval from then until now India has developed very creative entrepreneurs.
    A conversation I often had with an Indian professor was about the totally intractable Indian bureaucracy that stopped progress cold. He said the only reason IT was doing well there was that it sprung up before a bureaucracy could be assembled to strangle it.

  3. pistache268 says:

    Indian Rowan Atkinson.

  4. travelina says:

    Fascinating, Mark, thanks for posting this. Re the list of conflicts, in particular the ideology of caste and the health care problem, here’s a neat development that has successfully tackled both problems in parts of rural India: training women from the Untouchables caste to become self-supporting rural health care workers, monitoring maternal health, hypertension and diabetes, teaching about hygiene, rehydration and safer farming practices. It’s called the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (Jamkhed), it began in 1970 with an Indian husband and wife doctor team educated at Johns Hopkins, and it has successfully trained hundreds of women who go to the poorest of the poor, where doctors won’t go, at a tiny fraction of the cost of training doctors. National Geographic ran a story about the organization in December: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2008/12/community-doctors/rosenberg-text

  5. error404 says:

    “1. Ideology of caste”

    If it were not for this wretched thing India would rule the world.

  6. Ms Catwalq says:

    The same issue of “ideology of caste” affects all developing countries trying to rebrand themselves. In my country, it is called “tribalism” and it is now reinforced by religious stereotyping…

    Interesting read.

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