David After Dentist (aka Kid on Drugs), the remixes

Roger writes,

After seeing your post on Boing Boing of the Kid on Drugs video yesterday, I was instantly convinced that this kid was destined for greatness. And just how could he achieve greatness? Why, with the aid of METAL! Here's my tribute to the "David After Dentist" video which shows that he's really preparing to take the world of metal music by storm.

A Metal Tribute to "Kid on Drugs".

And below, Josh Ayala and @wifone went the early 90s candyraver ecstasy-fueled route, with David After The Dentist (BadEmpire mix).

The audio-only version (this mix created by @wifone) is growing on me. David After The Dentist (BadEmpire mix): Stream, or Download.

Update: Oh, this one's good, too.

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  1. Is there a copy of the original anywhere other than youtube. I really want to see this, but my work blocks youtube. :/

  2. w00t!

    David is becoming my all time favorite philosopher, btw; the way he phrases the questions we all face in life is so overwhelmingly pure! Is this gonna last forever?

  3. David doesn’t look like he’s enjoying this. Dad probably would have enjoyed it (“Doesn’t it feel Good?”) but I feel bad for the little tyke.

  4. I definitely heard breakcore in my head when I watched the original. Metal has the right emotional intensity, but lacks psychedelic weirdness.

  5. #5: Doesn’t it feel good?

    As a Dad whose kids have been sedated, tho not often enough, it never occurred to me to ask that question. Drugged = feels good. Seems like kind of the wrong association to me. Mostly I just said it would wear off and when you get home you could go to bed.

    Still, I love the purity of seeing an innocent response to altered reality.

  6. omg…David+metal=***perfection***!
    (especially with The Tibetan Book of the Dead being read quietly and soothingly by Richard Gere in the background)
    Like “It’s okay David…it’s just the Bardo…it won’t last forever…” ^_^

  7. That would be “Behind Space ’99” by In Flames off their album Colony. Good record.


    *Now shorter than “Sequioa.”

  8. #11: as a kid (now all grown up and teenagery) who has been drugged up on interesting mixes of painkillers, altered states of reality can actually be a little bit scary.

    Particularly if you are a kid from rural Australia in the middle of an inner-city hospital with a tumour somewhere in your head and you just got told you had a 1 in 3 chance of losing your smell.

    Although the bit where I closed my eyes and the corridor turned into a jungle was pretty cool.

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